Developing webOS Apps for Palm Pre and Palm Pixi

Palm has updated their developer blog to let us know that developers don’t have much to worry about when developing for the Palm Pixi. Despite the Palm Pixi having a different resolution than the Palm Pre (320×400 vs 320×480), Palm assures developers that “developing for the Pixi is the same as developing for the Pre”.

The display resolution difference, however, will mostly affect apps that are designed to fill the entire screen instead of scrolling to reach additional content and elements. If your app works this way, you will have to approach its layout with flexibility in mind if it is to work well on both Pre and Pixi.

Palm encourages developers to run it in the Palm Emulator that shipped with the Mojo SDK and the company promised to have specific guidance regarding development for both the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi.

As a note to developers, you are welcome to submit your apps for beta testing here at EverythingPre. Shoot us an email if you have any interest.

[via Palm Developer Network]


  1. So I know this is probably a dumb question but I need an answer. Are home brew apps against Sprint’s TOS? I am pretty sure they are but yeahh….not 100 percent sure and I would really like to download a couple but I would hate to have something happen to my phone then me have to take it in and they tell me I am screwed because I downloaded a 3rd party app.

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