Ed Hardy Palm Pre Cases

One thing about Ed Hardy designs, you likely either love them or hate them. For those who like this type of design, your wish for Ed Hardy designed Palm Pre cases has become a reality. You can pimp out your Palm Pre with the latest in Ed Hardy style for just $39 and you’ll have your choice between two designs: King Dog or LKS Tattoo.


Have a favorite or there’s no chance in hell you’d be seen in public with one of these cases on your Palm Pre? Weigh in and let us know in the comments.

[via Chip Chick]


  1. Douchey

  2. andy tarradath says:

    I just barfed a little; sorry. It’s not so much for the design itself but it’s douchy Ed Hardy.

  3. I like the design, wouldn’t be caught dead with it on my pre.

  4. I like them, but all of these manufactures need to make touchstone compatible covers.

  5. Ed Hardy covers are Totally hot. I wish they have them for the PIXI

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