FoofPod Case Review

Review: FoofPod Case

December 5, 2006

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By: Christopher Meinck

FoofPod Case offers a break from the ordinary

The FoofPod is a distinct pouch case that features bold looks and something out of the ordinary when it comes to Treo cases.

If youve grown tired of holsters, leather flip cases and the like, then youll find the FoofPod a breath of fresh air. The FoofPod was originally designed for the iPod in mind, but who says us Treo folks cannot take a walk on the wild side. You wont find this case in many boardroom meetings and that might be a good thing.

Style and Craftsmanship

Everything about this case is "a bit different" and that even extends to the packaging. The Green Jeanie came in a mangetic proof bag that is normally used to ship computer RAM.

FoofPod packaging

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The FoofPod is a classic vertical pouch case that you simply drop your Treo in bottom first. The outside of the case we tested was a green fabric that reminded me of a pair of green Toughskin jeans I owned as a child. It pains me to admit both wearing Toughskins and green Toughskins to boot. The good news for owners of this case is the material is tough enough to handle the elements. Nothings impossible, but trying to rip this case would be very difficult even if you were trying. Being a fabric, it will be prone to stains, butit is washable (not sure if it is dryer safe, but Id say no due to the interior fabric). The interior fabric, contrary to the exterior of the Foofpod, is a soft fabric lining that is made me feel very comfortable that the Treos screen would be protected even if it shifted in the case.

FoofPod case review

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FoofPod case lining

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Made for iPod, but what about Treo?

As mentioned, the FoofPod is designed for the iPod. One would think, well no big deal, if it fits Im in business. Well, yes and no. I test the Treo 680, Treo 700p/w (both share same dimensions). The Treos slipped into the case with ease and appeared to fit perfectly. I then tested the case with my 60gb iPod video. To my surprise, this had a tight fit. I flipped over the case and despite a few shrugs, the iPod stayed secure. With the Treo 680, flipping the case didnt result in the Treo dislodging from the case. A few shakes and it did slide out of the case. So, while the FoofPod appeared to fit tightly on the iPod, this was clearly what Foof had in mind when designing the case. While it works with all Treos, it should be noted that turning your case upside down could result in your Treo falling from grace.

The case did not come with a clip, nor an option exists. For this particular case, I dont see the clip as something that works with this case. This case will ultimately provide protection for your Treo, but carrying on your belt would diminish the coolness factor.


The FoofPod is available in several colors:

  • Black La Nuit
  • Jaffa Jeanie Orange
  • Green Jeanie
  • Kind of Blue

Treo in FoofPod case

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Pros and Cons


  • Easy access to your Treo
  • Works with all Treos
  • Cool, funky colors
  • Durable material not prone to rips/tears
  • Washable
  • Soft liner will protect Treo screen


  • Requires you have keyguard on at all times
  • Perfect fit for iPod, but not Treo
  • No belt clip

If you happen to own an iPod and a Treo, then this case could server double duty. The FoofPod is clearly made from quality materials and provides full protection from the elements. This case may not be suitable for everyone, as it doesnt pass the “flip test”. Those looking for something out of the ordinary will not be disappointed. The FoofPod scores big on style points leaving your only dilemma as wheter to choose Jaffa Jeanie Orange or Kind of Blue.

The FoofPod retails for $19.95.

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