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    1. tracytresidder
      Hi, you have been very helpfuool before and hopefully can help me with this current problem. I want to save all my contacts to the sim of my palm treo750 so I can put it into another phone and import the fullcontact list. I seem to be able to save only one at a time! Is there a way to save all contacts onto the sim in one go? Thanks for your help. Tracy
    2. piemasterzim
      Hey! I have a huge favor to ask. I see you are a treo God on here, and so I figured you'd be the best to ask. I have an Unlocked At&t treo 750, but the WM6 version that came with At&t doesn't have the Windows Live Messenger installed. Do you happen to have a way that I can flash the phone with either a Rogers WM6 or an Unlocked WM6? I really enjoy MSN but hate having to go through Internet Explorer for it. I hope you are still online once in a while! And thanks.
    3. snakebite4200
      hello i guess you are the one to ask from the unbranded treo 750 wm6 rom i have a unlocked cingular treo 750

      i know this is old threads but hey ill give it a shot
    4. Treazure
      hello i have a treo 750 and i did a wm6 upgrade afetr the upgrade my mms is not working any sugg....?
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