3rd party applications NOT to install (680)

Discussion in 'General Treo Discussion' started by semi-frustrated 680 user, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. Hi there, I´m new to this forum and want to share some of my bad experience with 3rd party apps.

    Opera Mini + the mandatory JVM
    what a pitty... this browser really would be it for the Treo
    freezes frequently, causes sometimes reboots and strange display effects when already quit.
    I tried several methods to install both apps., changed the JVM settings according to recommendations on the Opera Mini forum - just didn´t work properly.
    Wonder how the lucky people who post in several other forums have got to work Opera Mini in a satisfying way.
    Have to live with Blazer-Delayzer-Thissiteiscurrentlynotavailablezer

    Nice input application: Holding a key gives you upper case letters, double pressing a key gives you the second key function
    after 3 or 4 weeks of use, the app. somehow blocked my A key, or better said the sensitivity of it. Is that possible?
    ok, I know it says 600 in the name...

    kicked my Treo in a reset-loop after installation and first run
    I had NVBackup (highly recommended!) installed and just ran this from the SD card and got the Treo back to work.

    To maybe continued

    regards, Chris
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    Welcome to EB:

    Thanks for posting your experiences and sorry to hear of your troubles.

    Opera? Not a surprise. Many users have iffy experiences.

    KeyCaps600? Sounds odd it worked for weeks and then went bad. Could it be an interaction with something else recently installed? Maybe you could try the KeyCaps650 version here...Read the cautions...these are no longer supported.

    LauncherX? This is a surprise as it is designed to work with a 680. Did you try support for them?

  3. Thanks, I´ll checkout KeyCaps 650.

    And, no, I didn´t try XLaunchers support, I usually don´t give it a second try when things go so wrong, can live without that SW.


    As you have it with the old philosophers/scientists, take this one, came today on my mind:
    Nolli tangere, circulos meos! Archimedes
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    A good launcher makes life easier. LauncherX is an application that Jeff Gibson supports, though I do not know if he is continuing to add features. ZLauncher and Initiate are launchers that have many satisfied users. I tried both and have stuck with ZLauncher on my Centro.