750 contacts to gmail. I want a Nexus One

Discussion in 'Treo 750' started by rockyras, May 12, 2010.

  1. rockyras

    rockyras New Member

    Any one able to tell me how to get my contacts transferred to gmail. Then, from gmail contacts, I think I can transfer gmail contacts to my nexus one google phone when I get it.

    Thanks, Jeremy
  2. amjz

    amjz New Member

    You need to install a patch called "Save All Via Email" .. u can find this patch in Preware.
    after that, go to contacts app, from menu choose " Save All Via Email " and then wait untill all your Palm Pre Contacts are exported and attached to a new email, then email that to your email address, from your desktop download that file and open Gmail and upload it an Gmail will import it to youe Gmail Contacts.
    i did this to my Palm Pre contacts and all imported well.