Any essential software?

Discussion in 'Centro Software' started by empyre.01d2, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. empyre.01d2

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    Is there any essential software for the Centro that I should check out? This is my first phone that is capable of more than just the basics.

    Thank you!

    P.S. - has anyone had any luck downloaded a flash / shockwave player? Does the Centro even support the filetype?
  2. sarahjane936

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    I just got my Centro today, but I had a Treo 650 for several years (before a horrible Moto Q experience). The program I found most useful before was Butler. I plan to load in on my Centro today! I used a skin for my calendar and task list before, I think it was Agendus, but will probably look and see which program I like better before loaded that one again. I also liked mRing (by MotionApps) to manage my ringtones.
    Hope this helps.
  3. empyre.01d2

    empyre.01d2 New Member

    I googled Butler but was unable to find anything. Do you have a link or description?

    Thanks again Sarah!
  4. sarahjane936

    sarahjane936 New Member

  5. Stillrockin

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    I would recommend Chatteremail if your a heavy email user. The guy who developed it was hired by Palm and its now sold on Palm's web site. For push email, it rocks!
  6. empyre.01d2

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    Thanks for the suggestion!
  7. Agandara

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    add the new software

    When you try to add new software that you downloaded to the computer and loaded through hotsync...where do you find the applications- such as skin revolt?
  8. blueonblackstrat

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    If you are unhappy with the volume of the ring tone, I might suggest looking into volume care. I tried the other product available, and it wasn't to my phones liking...Not to mention, the volume care works so much better.