Any news on a driver for 64-bit OS?

Discussion in 'Centro Software' started by m4f1050, Nov 25, 2009.

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    I would like to see a Palm driver for 64-BIT, anybody know anything about this?
    In order to use DIAG mode on a 64-BIT machine I am using NETWORK SERIAL PORT KIT from FABULA TECH. Using my laptop (XP 32-BIT) I share the COM1: (which is the DIAG port on the CENTRO) and connect from my WINDOWS 7 64-BIT machine. This is quite a bit slow, but works flawlessly. I managed to provision my Sprint Centro after I whodinied it on MetroPCS. My issue is SPEED! Tried FABULA TECH's USB OVER NETWORK but that just asks me the same drivers as if I had plugged the CENTRO to the WINDOWS 7 machine...