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Discussion in 'Treo 700p' started by xbrianxlorenzo, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. birddog

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    I really hate that Palm dropped that. To make matters worse, when I upgraded from my tungsten to my treo, Expenses just disappered -- I didn't notice and I subsaquently lost some of my data.

    There is a way to get it back -- if you had it on an older version:

    too much trouble for me, so I never did it, but there it is.
  2. birddog

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    Just BTW.. SplashID has been mentioned here, but not really discussed.
    It is a KillerApp that, since I began using it, I could not live without.

    It stores passwords and other sensitive data (SS#, Drivers Lic. No. etc.) on the palm and the associated windows application which is kept in sync.

    The data is all encrypted (on the phone and the desktop) and requires a password to get at it (I would never store this stuff on a phone without encryption). But, truth be told, I use the desktop version more. Every web login I use is in there. I usually go in every time I go to a password protected website, click on the website URL link to bring up the website and then cut-n-past the ID and password to get in.

    It is very nice to have all of this stuff safe and secure all in one location.
  3. kdallen

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    I've heard of a few people that like My Checkbook.
  4. raidair21

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    is there a program that simlutaneously converts mp3s to ringtones, and makes the volume better? if not, what do people reccomend as the two ways to approach that issue? ive seen volume care, are there different levels of it (pro, basic, etc?)
  5. TecFish

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    need large number phone app

    Group, does anyone know of a phone app that will fill the treo screen with large numbers to dial the phone? I figure the grid could accommodate much larger squares to hold numbers for dialing on the go. I have voice dial, etc. , but want BIG numbers.
  6. kdallen

    kdallen Moderator

    Maybe Skinner might help?
  7. leathernuts

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    Looks like skinner doesn't change the size, just the look. Ive been after something to change the size as well for a while now. Ive talked to the developer of takephone a few times give us a larger dial pad as well. It would make a huge difference.
  8. jreagles16

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    dail by photo allows you to change the whole UI of the phone screen but I mention it because it does enlarge or shrink the buttons a little. That might help.
  9. TecFish

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    I loaded PhotoDial. The demo only permits 2 photos, so it requires a purchase to really test it. As a speed dial app I like it. There are supposed to be buttons that "stick" to functions when launched (green = photo app, find = Google) neither seem to work for me. The photos are alphabetical. You have to play with spaces and punctuation to have your 9 most frequent appear on the first screen. I would have preferred a better way to assign position. There does not appear to be a natural migration of contacts to PhotoDial, each has to be added manually. Instructions are pretty thin. However, I am using it a bit more than VoiceDialit when I dial on the run.
  10. benjie

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    No there is not. There are applications capable of converting MP3s to standard ring tones, but they do not have volume control built in. There is a freeware volume boosting application that some have had success with and others not - it is called PumpUpVol.

    VolumeCare has a couple of levels, I use the basic level.

    A ring tone management program that supports card based files is a better answer than sticking ring tone files in main memory. There are three applications that do well with them, LightWav, CallBlock and RingCare. RingCare also has a desktop companion for making ringtones.

    Concerning the free applications that convert MP3s to ring tones - MusicTones and MiniTones.


  11. leathernuts

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    Photo Dial and DialbyPhoto are 2 different apps in case you were trying to test the one we were referring to.
  12. TecFish

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    Thanks. I checked them both out, but PhotoDial gives me 9 easy to see buttons, per screen, to speed dial. I just ordered a Garmin Nuvi 660 for my wife, it has bluetooth connectivity and is supposed to permit dialing from its very large screen. It may just fix her problem of wanting to dial infrequently called numbers safely from her car.
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    nfl sunday ticket

    anybody know which site is the best to use for sunday ticket? cureently using channelchooser for mobile getting 2 -3 games looking to know whats better out there
  14. y0maan

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    Faves: Kinoma Producer/Player Combo: Producer: for PC converts Several Useful Video Formats to play on the Palms. Player: for Palm Not only plays Movies off the SD card, but streams live video in from weblinks from blazer 4.5 or from within the player on web enabled devices. Very cool !! Thier "Offer valid until November 30, 2007" Worked for me in Feb of 2008 to get the combo for 39 dollars. Worth every penny IMHO. Another Fine App I stumbled on is 3X Commander, donateware currently. For any Total Commander (formerly Windows Commander) fans out there on the PC , this is as close as I've seen to it for the Palm. A very good file manager with multiple windows. I love the abiltiy to pick from 8 different font sizes so easily ! It splits the screen either horizontally or vertically. WOW. I love playing cards and pass many a boring minute away doing just that on my palm while standing in lines, waiting for a doctor, blah blah. Hearts, Spades, Rummy, Pinochle, Euchre, Crazy 8's, blackjack, poker,Craps, Cribbage, Texas Holdem. Solitaire, Uno, I'm sure theres More. Tealinfo, a slightly outdated program is still VERY useful to me in that it has many, many databases and apps written for it still available on freewarepalm's site. I find tap/drill charts, an OUI vendor chart to map MAC addresses for network equipment, there are subnet mask calculators by Wildpackets. I've found Industrial PLC register readers, Modbus readers, Graphing Calculators that are Free and well supported. (EasyCalc) I Could go on. Now if someone could just write an app for this lousy PC I'm writing this on to REALLY hide the cursor when I'm typing like Windows 95 did I would be that much happier.
  15. CM1613

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    Must Needed for 700P

    Butler - to know when you miss a call
    Phone Technician - To turn screen off while on the phone
    Noah Pro - A great (free) dictionary
    Bible Reader - A great Bible reader that will support several versions, dictionaries and commentaries
    TCPMP - Movie Viewer (also need converter like Fair Use)

    I don't use the data package so I don't utilize programs that require web access
  16. marcv

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    I have been using My Checkbook for about 4 years now. It is great and it is free. Just go to Carl's site and download it.
  17. dep

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    • Google Maps, for certain. #1
    • Pssh (an ssh client)
    • Facebook has a new client that actually runs fine on the 700p even though it says it's for the 755
    • Butler for doing lots of tweaks over alarms and things
    • Mundu IM is a great multiprotocol IM client.
    • TCPMP as a video player
    • PalmVNC a treo VNC viewer.
  18. TecFish

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    Hey, I got spanked for being absent from the forum. "Life happens when you're busy doing other things". I haven't seen any mention of Opera Mini as a substitute for Blazer. It's become my first choice for browsing. Any thoughts? I also added Photos HQ which definitely improves photo abilities for few bucks. Finally I can report that TeleNav works VERY well (it can even tell you where the cheapest gas is and how to get there).
  19. benjie

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    At best Java is not stable for long term use and that is the reason that Blazer is still the best Palm OS browser.
  20. dep

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    My treo crashes whenever i try to open Opera Mini.