Broken/Used Treo 650 to sell/spare?

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by sshiva_007, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. sshiva_007

    sshiva_007 New Member

    Do u have a Treo 650 lying around that u dont need?

    Years of manhandling my Treo650 has taken a toll on it. I managed to solder the powerlug back on and superglued the antenna too... the only thing still not working is the r,f,c,space keys. Its a problem with the keyboard ribbon cable. Think I may have nik-d it when I opened it to fix the other stuff! :)

    Anyhoo... if someone has a Treo650 that u are willing to dump free or cheap, pls email me... even if it is broken (as long as keyboard is good)

    I just wanna hang on to this one till the 320x320 Treo for Windows Mobile on Cingular comes out :)


  2. vandv123

    vandv123 New Member

    I have a treo 650 for cingular/att. I just bought a new phone... it still works but has a loose battery much are you willing to pay for it!

  3. Jaybin

    Jaybin New Member

    I just upgraded to a 680 and have a 650 which loses power you have to take out the battery and wait and then it fires right back up. When it is working it is perfect and it looks brand new always used with a screen saver and cover. Make me an offer it has two batteries as well, one is brand new.
  4. JD2290

    JD2290 New Member

    i have a broken treo. i believe its the 700 one though. the only thing broken is the screen so this would be perfect...lmk Thanks