can I charge my dead treo from a computer?

Discussion in 'Treo 755p' started by bluegreyeyes, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. bluegreyeyes

    bluegreyeyes New Member

    my battery died on me this morning, en route to work, i only use my USB cord at work (my other charger is at home)......i just plugged in my phone to the computer and it doesn't charge automatically, i played around wtih the buttons, still nothing. i even switched computers, nothing. is there something i'm doing wrong, or will the Treo not charge from that?
  2. Fired00d

    Fired00d New Member

    If you're using a laptop is it plugged into A/C power?

  3. dollface

    dollface New Member

    I believe some of the USB syncing cables are only for syncing and will not draw a charge from the PC or laptop. I bought a neat retractable sync/charge cable that does both, that I keep at work.
  4. blueonblackstrat

    blueonblackstrat New Member

    It does charge while plugged in to the sync cable, It doesn't work quite like a charger though. And if the battery is completely discharged, it won't charge it...
  5. Target

    Target New Member

    Some aftermarket cables charge the Treo even from a fully discharged state.

  6. Dowhatudo202

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    I know that u can charge your phone to a computer that has the treo sync software installed. I dont think that you can charge it to just any device that has a USB outlet.
  7. benjie

    benjie New Member

    Actually you can, thing is though it is a trickle charge and in a very weak or dead state, the battery just will not charge for most people.

  8. blueonblackstrat

    blueonblackstrat New Member

    From what I read in the manual, it won't charge via usb in a discharged state....
  9. cirruslyloud

    cirruslyloud New Member

    it worked for me this past weekend. phone completely dea, plugged it into my computer using usb. hit the power button and it was charging.
  10. sandraqu

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    Yes! I have found that yes, I can indeed charge my 755p from a computer.

    My PDA was completely unresponsive. I plugged the USB cable that hooks up to the computer and hoped for the best. There was no light indicator on the PDA to tell me the darn thing was charging, but it charged. I don't recall the PDA turning on for me when I hit to power button (after a while of secretly charging), but accidentally found that a reset worked (removing and re-installing the battery). The battery had a 75% charge.

    On a previous and similar situation, I found that if the battery gets depleted enough, the power button won't work, but a reset will instigate the PDA to power up. This gave me enough time to plug it into the computer and actually see the light on the PDA that indicates that it's charging. I think in this instance, the battery was not as depleted as the situation above.

    Good luck to you. Can we presume that this works with other PDAs as well?

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  11. McShankleby

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    Although the history says you've only posted the once, karma dictates that I thank you specifically for your suggestion anyway. The car and car charger are at an airport and it is snowing quite heavily here in KC. Your tip saved me from not having a cell phone for two days. Now, that sounds superficial and tacky until you realize just how vital cell phones are in modern society. So thank you, forum poster.