Can't Delete Exchange Account

Discussion in 'Treo 755p' started by ebroadwell, Nov 16, 2009.

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    I left a job where I had my email syncing just fine with exchange. Now I am using a pop mail account and need to delete the exchange account.

    Everytime I go to delete the account in Account Setup it says there was a problem syncing with the Exchange ActiveSync server, Your next sync will take a little longer than usual.

    Do you want to sync now?

    THE ONLY CHOICE IS <OK> I want to say no delete the account!

    So of course it registers that there is a problem with the sync and the account doesn't delete.

    This is causing several outlook sync issues!
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    Found a solution

    I finally after trying for a month figured a way to trick the phone.

    Step One - perform a soft reset. This didn't do anything in the past.
    2. Turn off the phone - Hold down the power button
    3. Go to the Exchange email account and go to the menu preferences and turn off all options in each selection make sure to turn off the auto sync
    4. Perform a sync and when you are asked to turn the phone on say no!
    5. Go to the menu account setup option and select the exchange account and select delete!
    Presto! It takes a minute and then the account is finally GONE!!!!