Deleting Programs

Discussion in 'Treo 700p' started by fozzy40, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. fozzy40

    fozzy40 New Member

    When deleting programs, do you just go to the Applications Menu and delete the name of the program or is there a proper/cleaner way of doing it?
  2. jreagles16

    jreagles16 New Member

    Well there are a couple of ways.

    1) you can go to the apps screen then hit your menu button and go to delete find the app and delete it. But the downside to this is most apps carry pdb files with them as well. If you don't know the pdb files then you have some left over junk on you device taking up memory.

    2) You can use a 3rd party software that cleans the app and pdb files off your device when you hit delete "TCPMP". The only one I know of is neat freak pack. But I have never used it, so can't tell you much about it. Sorry.

    3) Last is you could hard reset your 700p and that will take care of the app. But I'm sure you don't want to do that...:tounge: :tounge:
  3. fozzy40

    fozzy40 New Member

    Are there any other uninstaller programs that are free that you might know of?
  4. Stillrockin

    Stillrockin Smart Phone Idiot

    I am not aware of any free uninstaller programs. All of these offer generous trials. I have heard good things about Uninstall Manager. I use ZLauncher's uninstall feature. It does a great job of including associated databases. Its probably not as efficient as a specific uninstaller, I would imagine.
  5. benjie

    benjie New Member

    There is Uninstaller Lite. I also use ZLauncher and its uninstall feature routinely. I also use Uninstall Manager and Cleanup. ZLauncher does an excellent job - it has missed only 2 files since I have used it.