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    I am a firefighter EMT and I am looking for something to help me use the centro to keep patient info and notes and things. i found a program that is palm software but it doesn't work for centro, it is called E-run 1.01. Is there a program that will help me make my own version of this so I can customize it and that is fairly simple to do. I just got the centro and see a lot of potintial uses for me.
    Thanks for your help
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    EMT software


    I am also a firefighter/EMT-I in NC. I haved to several programs. I have Epocrates, this has all updated medication. Medmath which you can get if you download the free software from Eprocrates (this has all the charts and scores you need, AVPU, APGAR, Parklin formula, ect. it also does all of your drug calcs. The last program is my favorite it's called pocket mobility. It has everything your normal pocket guide has. I don't know about you but having all these guides in my pocket is a pain in the A**.
    One more thing , since u do fire/ems you should look into getting a Otter Box for you phone. I can now take mine and throw it and it won't hurt it a bit. Hope this helps you.

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    Thanks for the info smokeeater. Do you know of any programs where you can create your own datasheet for vitals on a patient and other relative info.
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    If you get the Epocrates the med calc comes with that software and there is another program but I will have to find it and get back to you
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    how much does the epocrates software cost? Im a paramedic/firefighter as well and think this software would be most uselful
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    I am new to this topic.
    Can anyone explain about elance.
    i am also looking for data entry positions, but finding it hard to get interviews despite my 12,000KPH and numerous data entry temp jobs