Finally ordered 700P!!! What do I need!?

Discussion in 'Treo 700p' started by ex2k4, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. ex2k4

    ex2k4 New Member

    Alright.. after waiting 2 million years, I've finally had the money to order the Treo. I just never really wanted to spend 500 on a phone I guess, but it was time to stop wasting money on "fancy" and pretty non functional phones.

    I've actually ordered 700W till I've realized that it will not sync with my mac and will cause all kinds of problem. I was somewhat set on the W although I knew the 240x240 and lack of memory deal. But I've had to change it since it won't sync!

    I'm trying to see what are some MUST HAVE accessories? I really like to have the wifi :( any good cases? I'm thinking of palm side case.

    What about the screen protector? Should I stick to overpriced palm brand? any recommendation?

    thanks for the great forum everything treo!
  2. benjie

    benjie New Member

    A good case is needed. As for wifi - not on the 700p. The screen protector - I hit CompUSA whenever I need them.

    My suggestion though is to sit down and decide what you want mainly to do with the device and then what you want to do. That way means you do not go spending a fortune getting STUFF you really do not need.

    A good installation manager is to your advantage - Uninstall Manager is the big guy. A good device based backup solution - Resco Backup. A good third party launche comes in handy - there are bunches and bunches - ZLauncher (big guy on the block), Initiate, Launcher X - just to name a few. I like ZLauncher - customize as little or as much as you wanna.

    Reset Doctor.
    Datebook 6

    My starter recommendation for enhancing the device.

  3. kdallen

    kdallen Moderator

    First off, congrats on finally getting your Treo. As far as must-have accessories, you seem to be on track looking for some kind of case. There are many options available, as I'm sure you know. You can find a bunch here in the ET store, as well as bluetooth headsets, wired headsets, screen protectors and so on.

    There are many opinions about screen protectors. Some people have had success with the Palm ones, while others have explored other options. The biggest thing, I'd say, is slow, careful application so that it will do its job without interfering with the touchscreen.

    While talking must-haves, you should consider what apps you may want to try out (and maybe eventually buy). I recommend your first two choices should be:

    1. A good uninstall app like Uninstall Manager. As you install/delete apps you're trying, you'll need to be able to remove everything associated with an app, or you could run into potential problems down the road with conflicting software.

    2. A good backup app like Resco Backup, OnGuard Backup, BackupMan, Backup Buddy, etc. This way, you'll have a set you can "fall back on", in the event you run into trouble. You'll want to do a backup before installing any new app on your Treo.

    You may want to look into Reset Doctor to keep you from losing all your prefs in the event of a crash (despite all you may do, it could happen at some point in time).

    Check out the different sections of the site. There's a FAQ, and there are forums for accessories, different apps, etc. If you have questions, post away!
  4. jreagles16

    jreagles16 New Member

    must have are screen protectors, headphones, case, and maybe extended battery.

    Screen protectors: Box wave, and java are good. But there are so many out there it is hard to pick the right one. I recommend getting the ones from ET here. I think they are the palm ones, but work well.

    Headphones: I use moto ht820 bt headphones. But a good 2-1 wired set are the most reliable. I don't recommend boxwave 2-1. They are cheap but do not work well. But I do recommend their versa charger pro(2-1 charger).

    Case: Would you like a leather or a hard case? SD card holders and etc?

    Palm hard case is good.

    Well all wish the 700p supported wifi.
  5. benjie

    benjie New Member

    And I was trying not to be wordy!!!! A note, On Guard Backup is designed to backup specific applications and/or their data files; it is not intended to suppliment a backup utility such as Resco Backup.

    I see neither of us mentioned an SD card...slipping!

  6. kdallen

    kdallen Moderator

    Funny. I was trying not to be wordy and didn't get into launchers, because ZL takes some typing to explain. Good info about OnGuard.

    You're right about the card, though. Got a b-day coming up; senility must be creeping in.
  7. shortyrock

    shortyrock New Member

    I am more into the tuff skins with a holster than the cases, skins protect against drops and scratches, case really only protects the phone when its in the case which in my life would be never. The best skin I found (had the phone 2 weeks and went through 3 till I found this one that fits like a glove)is by speck products, you can google them, I found the skin at staples.
  8. benjie

    benjie New Member

    I want a skin that envelopes the whole device, key pad and screen. Right now I have a case that does it, but when the screen gets well used, accurately hitting the spot on the screen can be a task. I am looking at a Krussel (?) that covers it completely, but first to Sprint, they have something that might work.

  9. enilm

    enilm New Member

    Question, for the uninstaller programs, has anybody tried Destaller? I think it's a freeware so it's the one I have for now. Is it as good as lets say 'uninstall manager' or not even close?
  10. benjie

    benjie New Member

    I did. I went to Uninstall Manger from there. It does the same basic job; however, support and options are important when one becomes aware that such things exist and that is where Northglide comes out ahead.

  11. davidra

    davidra New Member

    How much is left behind when deleting with a launcher like Launcher X? It asks about removing all files associated with the app you're deleting. Is there really a difference?
  12. kdallen

    kdallen Moderator

    I don't have any personal experience with LauncherX. If it's asking if you want to remove all associated files, that's a good thing! Some apps create .pdb's (database files), which go along with the app. If you strictly delete the .prc (actual application file) only, all those database files and any other related files just accumulate on your Treo from any apps you've ever deleted. Not only are they taking up space, you could end up running into conflicts down the road between similar apps (say you were trying out multiple mail apps, or multiple alarm apps).
  13. ex2k4

    ex2k4 New Member

    it's taking forever for me to get my treo....................... they need to exchange it from W to P bc I need to it sync with my mac... I just can't wait anymore!