Find Function Crashes 680

Discussion in 'Treo 680' started by Ed S., Apr 7, 2008.

  1. Ed S.

    Ed S. New Member

    When I use the find function by pressing the Option key and the Caps key and then enter a search my TREO 680 does a reset.

    Ant ideas as to what is causing this?
  2. benjie

    benjie New Member

    Have you taken a look at DBFixit? The unregistered version finds problems; the registered version fixes it.

  3. rcederberg

    rcederberg New Member

    when I first got my 680, I had a lot of problems with resetting - even answering the phone would reset it sometimes. I finally did several hard resets after adding a password (so the memory would be formatted) and then only added one application at a time and now my device has been rock-solid. Not all add-on applications are friendly will other ones and the more you add, the more complicated it becomes. I prioritized my applications and only added one at a time and waited a day or so to add the next one.