Flash demo and feature set preview of 600

Discussion in 'Treo 600' started by millerhifi, Sep 20, 2003.

  1. millerhifi

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    Good reason. Looks to be an awesome little device. Highlight little. not sure how I feel about the lack of the "flip". Then again, it seemed to be more problems for people -- :punk:
  3. Rob

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    Just ordered mine and I received an email that it has been shipped! Should get it by Monday or Tuesday. Can't wait!!!!! Hated the flip thing so I am glad it is gone. Plus, the new one looks sharp! I will report back with my review.


  4. millerhifi

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    Let us know how you like it!
  5. Czarlos

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    :huh: Can't wait for mines, I order it but still havent gotten any shipping confirmation :huh:
  6. Scott

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    I just used the store demo at the Sprint store and it's amazing. I didn't realize how small it would be vs. what I'd thought seeing other PDA phones like Tungsten. The keyboard is very small but pretty easy to type on.

    I couldn't find anywhere where I needed to use the Palm script, which is fine with me since I will be a new Palm user. Has anyone seen a spot where the scripting/graffiti is necessary?

    I'm waiting until Nov. to pick mine up so that the number portability is in place. I'm moving over from At&t.

    :) scott
  7. HI! I'm planning on buying a Treo 600 in Nov., but it means I have to cancel my Verizon contract. (If I keep my Verizon service, I end up with a Kyocera 71235 - yuk!)

    So, I would really appreciate comments on the other cell services. I've only ever had Verizon.

    Sherrie@netgate.net :punk:
  8. james

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    getting mine tomorrow - i'll let you know!

    UK - orange - 58.99 GBP on monthly contract - bargain!!
  9. Guest

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    that's 58.99 for the phone, contract is 30 GBP per month

    still a bargain!!
  10. Texan

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    I've had my 600 for about a week. I love the jog button and the new version of Blazer. I used a 300 for over a year and I was concerned about the lack of a shield for the screen and keyboard. Nothing to worry about. This device is really well built and a joy to use. The folks at Handspring have really done their homework.