FS: Verixon Treo 700p - Many extras = $120 shipped

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    Verizon Treo 700p Smartphone
    -Original Box + packaging
    -quick reference guide
    -new Palm screen protector
    -interactive user guide 700p cd-rom
    -guides: Read this first + warranty paperwork
    -headset w/ quick answer button
    -usb quick connect cable
    -standard wall charger
    -Palm license car charger (paid $50 for this thing!)
    Soyo Freestyle Bluetooth Headset
    -already programmed for use with this Treo
    -includes a clip on so you can clip the headset to your shirt and just put an earbud in
    -standard wall charger for Freestyle headset
    Condition: has a couple of nicks/marks on the sides and bottom edges (does NOT affect functionality one bit) SCREEN IS IN PERFECT CONDITION - Touchscreen operation works flawlessly

    PRICE - $120 shipped CONUS

    EMAIL - jwjulian at gmail dot com
    PAYPAL - mazmo814 at juno dot com
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    Is too expensive!