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Discussion in 'Treo 750' started by Rogelio Manning, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. Rogelio Manning

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    I bought recently (month) 750 and yesterday the Treo que stock on the PALM logo and it is not reboting any way. What I should do?. I try severally the hard hard rebot.:angry:
  2. fastlerner

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    If you have an SD card, you could try reloading the WM6 ROM.

    I'll send you links and instructions.
  3. skoser

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    Hi, I have the same problem. Hard reset is stuck at reboot (progress bar).
    Thanks for any help,
  4. rubencps

    rubencps New Member

    Instructions to solve the same problem

    Last week I had the same problem reported above.
    My Treo 750 run WM5. Could you please send me instructions
    to download a new OS and how to use it from SD card?

    Thanks a lot!!! I'm just considering to buy another one. I hope
    I can recover this one and have it for more month untill have a new
    model available in my country.
  5. vanecoto

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    My phone stuck on the palm logo.

    Hi, I have the same problem. I've had my phone for about a year and yesterday it got stuck on the palm logo, I did the hard reset and it is stuck at reboot (the progress bar is all the way through). I don't have an SD card. Please help!!!!! I chatted with a technitian @ palm.com they instructed me to do a hard set, which I did and everything seemed to work fine until I tried to set the date and the sistem went to reboot again. Same problem, stuck on the PALM logo again. Do I need to get a new phone? Pls help.
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  6. rubencps

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    Dear vanecoto,

    When I had this problem, I had to change WM5 to WM6 from ATT.
    It seems an internal problem in WM5.

    I did many trials and wrote the following to solve. Since there
    my phone is working again - BUT, to run the procedure you have
    to use a SD card to save the file and run it to load into your phone.

    I hope you have success.
    Best regards,

    Palm Treo 750 WM6

    before: http://blog.treonauts.com/2007/07/windows-mobile-.html
    Google: cheeimg.nbh file download

    Who wants the ATT WM6 rom?!??!


    Version Information
    • Windows Mobile 6.0 AKU 0.2.4 Build 17746
    • CE Image: 1.25
    Radio FW:

    Admin edit: Link removed due to legal complaints from palm.

    Installation and Upgrade Guide

    • Plug the Treo 750 into a power source
    • Load software update onto your miniSD card (CHEEIMG.nbh file). Insert the card.
    • Press and hold both the PTTApp Button (lowest button on left side of device) +
    Pin Reset (next to miniSD card slot). You no longer need to hold the Windows key
    as well. You will be prompted to press the End key to start the update. This step
    takes about 10 minutes to complete.
    • Hard reset the device when prompted. To hard-reset, hold the End key while pressing
    the pin reset button. Answer “yes” to “Erase all data” prompt.
    • To verify the software, hold the Down-Arrow while pin-resetting. You will see:
    o Firmware: R
    o ROM: D 1.25
    o Keyboard: U 26
    • The Bootloader can also be confirmed by holding down the PTT button and pin resetting
    (without the updater miniSD card inserted)
    o SPL: SPL 0.24

    DOWNLOAD from http://depositfiles.com/pt/files/1336491
    File name: CHEEIMG.nbh is around 82.36 MB

    Another tip I received from "fastlerner"...

    Unbranded WM6 2.27 for Treo 750 Sorry for the slow response. I haven't been on here in quite some time...

    Fully extract the zip file. Do not attempt to run the installer from inside winzip.

    After extracting, open and read the READMEFIRST file. It has a full instructions and answers to most common questions.

    Treo 750 | AT&T | WM6| TREO750-2.27-RWE | FW

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