Here is where you can dowload great RINGTONES.

Discussion in 'Palm Pre' started by iLoveUSC, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. naloboy

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    Np. Glad I could help
  2. nameseer

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    I had 131 files in my Ringtones folder, but when I disconnected from the PC and went to the Ringtones, only 50 were showing.
  3. SSmokybear

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    All I want is a simple ringing ringtone like all the other phones have. Where might one find that ringtone?? :)

  4. PapaNoHair

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    The "old" Palm system had one called "ring ring". Isn't it on the system?
  5. erasef301

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    I use I can't remember if it is free or if I paid a year subscription (but if I did it wasn't much). I download the ringtone to my iphone (from a PC). Then I simply copy and paste the ringtone into my PRE's ringtone folder when hooked up with it's micro USB. It's very easy! You can also customize the ringtone on BEFORE you download it as an iphone ringtone (i.e. volume, length of ring tone (can't exceed 39 seconds), etc. Check it out!
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    I can't get to even text me! WTF? I get other texts....
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    My exer doesn't work homie..
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    I use