How helpful is your Airave?

Discussion in 'Palm Pre' started by amgaither, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. amgaither

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    I got my Airave on Tuesday, but it doesn't seem to help as much as I had hoped. I live in a single story house with a finished walk-out basement, i.e. 2 levels of living area. My home office is located in one end of the basement and that is where the wireless router is located to which I connected the Airave. I had similar problems with the router, to which I connected an access point upstairs at the opposite end of the house. That solved that problem.

    I'm wondering if the Airave is any stronger than the typical wireless router. In my case, it does not appear to be so. Does anyone have further info or experiences on this? Thanks.
  2. AnnieK

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    Dunno...the Pre has issues with signal. I guess it helps a little but I had no need for it with my RAZR V3 or Renegade 950
  3. ~g~

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    We got two for our office (since its limited to 3 users at a time each) and its helped a lot. I went from 1 bar to 4 or 5 at all times. Have you dialed *99 to verify you are connecting through the device?
  4. SSmokybear

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    I went from zero signal around and in my home to full bars all around my property. Works great! Single story home 2000sq ft
  5. amgaither

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    I just learned some helpful things from this posting:

    I called Airave tech support 866-556-7310 and they created a ticket for their engineers to handle. I'll let you know if they can help.

    My house has plaster walls over metal lathe, which will cause transmission problems.
  6. redheads

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    We live in a valley with very little signal. We have had an airave for a few months now and the only problem we have had is that when we are on a phone that prefers an evdo signal it will pick up the (VERY WEAK) evdo signal *over* the airave 5 bars - so we go from 5 bars to nothing repeatedly if we are upstairs. Our workaround was to put the airave high and go to the basement to make calls (where the office is, so it is not a huge deal, but an annoyance), so the airave is all we pick up at that point. I wish (like with the old 'pcs only' option on my 600/650) I could tell it to ignore the weaker signal... am on a pro, have pre-ordered a pre... maybe it will be better on this (and after reading this thread, maybe not... LOL).