How to move voice memo to laptop

Discussion in 'Treo 680' started by Benjamin Natelson, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. Benjamin Natelson

    Benjamin Natelson New Member

    I have an unlocked TREO 680 with no email. I have files on voice memo that I want to move to laptop. I've tried to beam but beaming dies in middle of transmission despite my making cancel time a full 3 min. I've tried to bluetooth transmit to a bluetooth enhanced MAC but no luck. Isnt there a way I can move these files via hotsync?? Or do I have to pay my phone company for email -- the only thing I havent yet tried.
  2. benjie

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    The default voice recording application does not have a conduit to move the files to the desktop; however, another application that has a few more bells/whistles does - CallRec -

    An application that may also be of interest is one that is capable of copying the card during a backup - take a look at Backup Buddy. I have used it for about 4 years.

  3. Benjamin Natelson

    Benjamin Natelson New Member

    Thanks, Ben. I know of backup buddy but need to be sure it'll find the audiofiles. Sure wish there were a way to move those files to the MESSAGE area which does get moved iwth hotsynch. I'll query nomad to see if it'll work --------------------------------> Benj
  4. benjie

    benjie New Member

    I guarantee it moves those files, as it has the ability to copy the ENTIRE card and that is the reason I use it on occasion to duplicate the card. You can also set it to EXCLUDE user specified files. Ben
  5. Benjamin Natelson

    Benjamin Natelson New Member

    Thx Benjie. I checked with bluenomad though and they told me: You can back the file up to the PC, but it will listed as a Vpad.pdb file only. Pdb files are palm format files and designed for use on a Palm device only.

    So this option really wont do it for me. I tried to bluetooth to a MAC but couldnt make it work. Bottom line I guess is to get email for a limited time and use it to send the files. But I wonder if I will be able to listen to them if they are designed for Palm only???

  6. benjie

    benjie New Member

    Ok, that is for those files saved to the device, not the card. Forgive me though, my exposure to the default voice recorder was for about 2 minutes. Unless you have an application that will convert the PDB file to another really should look at Call Recorder.

  7. Benjamin Natelson

    Benjamin Natelson New Member

    Ben: Again my thx. i dont use the TREO for recording purposes often. But now I have 3 files from my 94 year old mother that I MUST be able to access. It doesnt sound as if the problem will be solved by emailing them to myself as file format will remain the same. Do you know how to reach out to other PALMers to see if they know of a way to reformat those files to mp3 or some other usable format?? Benj
  8. benjie

    benjie New Member

    I understand where you are coming from. My suggestion then is to play it on your device and record it with another device, maybe another computer, tape recorder, et cetera. What ever you do, just do not delete the original one. There is an application that supposedly works and it is web based - try a Google search - I tried it and never got it to work though.

  9. Benjamin Natelson

    Benjamin Natelson New Member

    I sort of came up with the same solution as you. Cleanest way for me to try to do this is a cable that goes from the TREO right into an MP3 player. I guess I am off to Radioshack ---> benj
  10. stephisto

    stephisto New Member

    voice memo to MP3 -> solved!

    Hi there,

    I found a way to export VoiceMemo files (from my Treo 680) to MP3.

    Here's what you need: (freeware; find it via Google)
    - Clie Picture Converter (yes yes)
    - Mobile Media Converter

    1) Go to following folder on your PC:
    C:\Program Files\palmOne\{name of your palm}\Backup

    You'll find files like 5-3-08-15-082_Vpad.pdb

    these are the VoicePad files;

    2) copy the files you need to a new folder which I'll call C:/Test

    3) Open Clie Picture Converter, and drag the files from C:/Test to it.
    New files with .JPG extension will appear in your folder.

    4) Rename these JPG files to .AMR files.

    5) use Mobile Media Converter to convert the .AMR files to .MP3 files

    6) Lay back, smile, and enjoy the rest of your day. :laugh3:

  11. Benjamin Natelson

    Benjamin Natelson New Member

    Actually I came up with a way myself when I never got an answer from this blog. I just directly plugged the TREO into my laptop and then recorded the audio input as an MP3 file. Seemed to work just fine but I do appreciate your answer and suggestions which I will try too.


  12. jamiec

    jamiec New Member

    If this doesn't work for you (for instance, if you have a Centro), it's probably because your sound files are stored as .qcp rather than .amr.

    To convert these files to WAV, follow steps 1-3 above, but then change the file extension from .jpg to .qcp (or if you've already set up the .amr files this way, just change the .amr to .qcp).

    Then download the free Qualcomm PureVoice application:

    Here's the process you have to follow to export a WAV file from a .qcp in the PureVoice app:
    1. Open the .qcp (double-clicking should automatically open it in the app)
    2. Press the stop button if the .qcp is playing (otherwise the convert option will be dimmed)
    3. Select file -> convert to convert it to a WAV
    4. THEN Save As... (the file will now automatically save as a WAV)

    You have to do this one file at a time, but the conversion process is quick and the steps above go even quicker if you use the key commands: F7, then shift-alt-C, then ctrl-S.
  13. tslugmo

    tslugmo New Member

    Thanks so much!

    jamiec, you're awesome, thanks for posting the steps, and following up with the .qcp solution. Couldn't find the answer anywhere else, and certainly wouldn't have stumbled across the correct steps on my own. This was a lifesaver for a law case. I only registered here to thank you.

    Thanks again,

  14. sam trigger

    sam trigger New Member

    Hi Stephane,
    The converter files are not free that I find to use.
    Do you have an url that is directly to the free download and no fees to register or activate?
    Thanks much for your help.

    Sam Trigger
  15. Joao Brito

    Joao Brito New Member

    It worked great

    I've just bought a Centro and I love to take voice notes, which I like to keep. I was pretty disappointed that I couldn't have Centro voice memos in my desktop, then I found your solution. However strange (the extension created by clie picture converter is jpg, so I had to change the extension to amr, as told), your solution worked great and saved me some bucks. To convert from amr to mp3 (or wav or whatever), I suggest Format Factory (, a superb media converter, donationware. I've tried Call Rec in my Centro, it works great and records calls too, but i don't need it, so i'll stick with the conversion (free) way.
  16. ragamuffin

    ragamuffin New Member

    Thank you

    I wanted to say thank you to stephisto. It worked.