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Discussion in 'Treo 750' started by DDeschamps, Aug 26, 2008.

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    It's a new problem - though what I've changed in my system I couldn't say.... I use Microsoft Office 2007, I run Vista and use a Treo 750. Suddenly, "calendar" doesn't show up in the list of sync contents. I have: email, tasks, notes, mobile favorites, and one note - but no calendar. I've tried adding to the outlook calendar first and getting it to sync to my treo, then vice versa.... I really think that feature used to work. am I crazy?

    hope there's a good soul out there who can help!
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    Funny you should mention this, I was looking to see if anyone was having a similar experience.

    I have a Treo 750 WM6, using Office 2007 with XP Pro, ALL my input is through the Treo 750, I use CALENDAR to schedule appointments and calls, today I note that when I Sync using USB cable my To - Do Bar in Office 2007 doesn't update as it has in the past, it appears to work the opposite and updates the Treo 750 with "Old" info thus wiping out any new input to the Calendar.

    I use Microsoft's auto update for my computer and wonder if MS has produced an update that is the cause of the problem.

    However I can confirm CALENDAR is showing up in the list on my Treo 750.

    I have un-installed and re-installed Active Sync to see if it righted itself but no go, problem is still there.
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    Have you tried doing a soft reset on the device? Next check your settings in WMDC and make sure that they have not gotten messed up as far as the calendar sync is concerned.
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    Synching Notes to a Treo 750 memory card?

    I have been through this and I have found that occasionally the synchronization is not complete even though one thinks that it is. For example I modify a calendar entry and it is NOT changed on my treo calendar. Other things like contacts are changed. It took some time for me to notice this. The solution is simply to end the partnership, reboot both devices and start again with the same settings as entered before. This seems to work most of the time although not everything is predictable under windows.

    Now for my question. I have notes which I have brought over from my Treo 600 days. They are resident in my Treo 750 main memory and do sync with Outlook 2007 notes. When I move the notes to my SD card, they are not synched anymore. So the question is does synching only affect main memory items and not SD card items? The reason I was trying to move them to my SD card was to free up my main memory. I think I was able to do this with my Treo 600. On another board I was told that my 4 GB SD card is bigger than what the Treo 750 with Windows Mobile allows and that is the problem. OK that may be a problem but my Treo 750 does play music and other stuff from the SD card. My question is just about synching with the SD card and what I can do. I cannot find anything about this in the user's manual.
    Any help would be appreciated.