Official webOS 1.3.1 Update Discussion

Discussion in 'Palm webOS' started by powerwagon, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. aveksler

    aveksler New Member

    Screen Capture is no longer Orange + Shift + P

    Is is now Orange + Sym + P
  2. joek71

    joek71 New Member

    I read threw these posts, and as usual Palm does it again, release update that is half baked, it doesnt suprise me that palm do something like this, they release it just to quite the crowd, how can they make ringtone for sms but not for email or gtalk,yahoo, and aol? This is what i mean by half baked updates, i wonder is this going to stop, why cant they release an update that covers lot more then they are covering now, otherwise dont release it, waste my time and others, the only thing i did notice is that the apps are more responsive, but otherwise another disappointed palm pre user(but not for long)
  3. Analyze22

    Analyze22 New Member

    After the update my Pre and my Blue tooth is connecting and disconnecting while Im on the phone.Its very irritating.Am I the only one?
  4. SSmokybear

    SSmokybear New Member

    ok so still no LED notification....
  5. patcar

    patcar New Member

    Lost all contacts, memos, etc...during update!!!


    During this update my phone froze up and the message read for me to go to to reset the entire thing. It did say that all data would be lost but could be restored once the reset was complete. I was under the impression that the phone conducted random "backups" and I wouldnt have to do a thing. Now, I am left with absolutely no contacts, none of the information that I put on my memos, none of it. This is devastating to me. Can someone please shed some light?!
  6. monkee82

    monkee82 New Member

    I'm glad I decided to check everythingpre, my phone never tells me when new updates are available... Downloading now..
  7. aveksler

    aveksler New Member

    Since I am not sure at what step of the update your phone 'froze up', let's get essential things first:

    1. your data on the phone had to come from somewhere (google, outlook, yahoo). Go there first and verify that it's all there. DO A BACKUP (export your contacts, calendars, etc....)
    2. logon to and make sure that you CAN logon with your credentials. This will at least tell you that you had stored your data there
    3. Plug your device to your computer via USB cable. Can you see the phone in your explorer window? If yes, get the data off the phone, pictures, documents, screen shots, etc....
    4. Restart your phone. Are you able to get to a working OS? If not, you need to reset it to a factory settings, perform the upgrade and than restore your data.

    Let us know if you have any issues
  8. aveksler

    aveksler New Member

    Don't forget to perform another update after the install. There are several applications from the APP store were waiting on this release.

    • Bubbles
    • CitySearch
    • SendMyLocation
    • Translator
    • Tic Tac Toe
    • 15 Puzzle
    • Trapster
  9. patcar

    patcar New Member

    Believe it or not, all the contacts on my phone, I put on there, one by one. (Im not the most technologically savvy person). I logged on to "manage your phone" online and put in my info and all that is there is basically my profile information, name, email but not contacts, memos, etc...
  10. Shaun0207

    Shaun0207 New Member

    Anybody noticing that most of the PReware Tweaks dont work any more? Also, I cant install any themes.
  11. Maclamond

    Maclamond New Member

    All mine work :/
  12. RanGT

    RanGT New Member

    do you use the phone to call log? I can't get that one to work. something in the error about an old record. gave up. :-(
  13. Phiaz23

    Phiaz23 New Member

    okay so i didnt know you had to uninstall the patched before the update. I only had a few patches my friend added such as more launcher pages, launcher page has 4x4 icons, battery percentage in the top right, and the LED notification. I went ahead with the update and now I cant rally add anything from the App Catalog....

    anyone have any suggestions or experiencing the same problem? It is saying i need to delete some apps before I can install the app, but I have 6.4 GB remaining in my device info after i deleted some of the apps i wasn't using.....what to do, if only someone knew?
  14. puddinpaws

    puddinpaws New Member

    ShortCovers stopped working after update


    After update, the "ShortCovers" app stopped doesn't work. When I try to go between chapters (of downloaded to device book) it sits there in a continuous loading loop.
  15. joek71

    joek71 New Member

    Dont you guys just love Palm :)
  16. puddinpaws

    puddinpaws New Member


    I can work around it if I go into "Airplane mode". go to that chapter and then turn off. What a piece of work that is..:dft002:eys_open
  17. azkansei

    azkansei New Member

    well yeah homebrew stuff, patches, etc are all subject to breaking completely for a major OS update such as this one. If you are dependent on your preware stuff and don't feel like taking the time to dive in to the files yourself to make the edits by hand, I'd strongly recommend not installing any updates until the patches are confirmed.

    I love being on the bleeding edge too much to let silly things like that stop me. I've done most of the patches I use by hand, only a couple more that I'd like to get done when I have some free time (adding launcher pages because I can't stand the up/down scrolling in the launcher).
  18. aveksler

    aveksler New Member

    @puddinpaws... Check for upgrade from the app store. There are many applications indicating upgrade was needed. Probably due to recent release.
  19. puddinpaws

    puddinpaws New Member

    NO update

    Not yet. I submitted a ticket to Softcovers.
  20. widmark

    widmark New Member

    The Pre is Doomed

    Someone needs to help Palm help themselves. Amazingly, WebOS 1.3.1 still does not fix the major flaw causing Microsoft Exchange email users (read, business email users) to uncontrollably send emails in oversized type... making emails look as if a kindergartner sent them, or as if you are yelling at your customer/clients. Secondly, the 1.3.1 update introduces a new bug so that Yahoo Mail users will receive continual requests to re-enter a password to continue syncing. I contacted Palm support and they confirmed both issues are unresolved and there is no ETA. The Exchange issue has been going on for at least a month and renders the Pre useless for anything but casual email. Exchange users often don't even know their emails look ridiculous until they look through their sent mail, because when typing the emails don't appear to have oversized fonts (for an example, see forum post #35 here)

    The Pre is turning out to be like a Jaguar automobile from the 70s.
    Sexy as hell and impressive to look at, but the cars ran terribly after a little use and always broke down.:dft005:frazzled
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