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Discussion in 'Centro Software' started by labbaik.saad, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. labbaik.saad

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    I am trying to update my phone with the 'Software Update 1.07 for Centro for Sprint' and am following the directions at this site:

    http [colon] //kb [dot] palm [dot] com/wps/portal/kb/common/article/6012_en [dot] html.

    I get past step 1 (connecting my phone to hot sync and backing up my data; however, in step two, when I try installing the file:


    after clicking on "start update" I get the message "Device Connection Failed" even two seconds after it was just connected to hot sync. I tried again with my wife's phone and it worked with no problems. Then I tried again with my phone and got the same message. I don't understand what the problem is because my phone is connected with hot sync and the directions from the website worked for my wife's phone (we both have palm centro)... Does anyone know what I can do to fix it? I want the update so I can use 'my location' on google maps.
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    I have a similar problem. Please help!
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    It might just be the sync cable or connection. If my media is large (that's usually where it hangs up), it will time out and give me an error like that. Try to sync it without that software update a couple times, then sync it with. Hope this helps.
  4. London123

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    I have found the solution already. thanks for the help. that update was necessary.