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Discussion in 'Centro Software' started by wsussky, Feb 19, 2009.

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    Today, my Palm desktop app started crashing whenever I change the date of any datebook entry (Centro Verizon). I've been doing this since I bought the phone in September, and it's worked perfectly through yesterday. I have daily backups of the data, and now the desktop crashes even with data from two days ago that worked! I can no longer change any datebook dates! Can anyone give any suggestions? (WinXPPro/SP2)
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    More information

    I downloaded the latest Desktop app from Palm, and during the Hotsync at the end of the installation both the desktop and handheld locked up while "Synchronizing Date Book", requiring "End Task" on desktop and disconnecting handheld to clear. After that, I could no longer sync at all!!
    I exported the datebook, purged all the datebook records, and imported. Now hotsyncing works, and I can change dates WITHIN A MONTH. I can NOT change a date to another month, such as from February to March. That crashes the desktop application as before.
    I was able to do this two days ago. I will definitely appreciate any help from anyone.
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    i'm having the same problem. I can't even hot sync to my PC
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    Still more

    I haven't added to this because I haven't had anything to add. I recently bought a new computer (again running XPPro/SP2), did a clean install of the desktop software, and copied the database from the old machine -- AND EVERYTHING WORKS FINE. None of the previous problems. I can now change dates from one month to another, just as I used to/

    So I can only conclude that the problem on the old machine was something squirreled away deep in the registry or elsewhere, and only wiping clean and starting over corrects it. What "wiping clean" means I can only guess.