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    So how do u access the commenting lines and remove them?
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    this suk! why didnt it come with it.. =/
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    hey i dont have that function or choice, i just checked.
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    I was wondering that myself. if anyone out there can just point me (and prob some others who are reading this as well) on which programs to use, and which lines to fix, thanks! :)
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    All that's needed is to remove the commenting from lines 54-55 and lines 248-251 in /usr/palm/applications/ as well as uncommenting lines 92-97 and lines 101-103 in /usr/palm/applications/ then voila, you've got the option to enable "Blink Notification".

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    Would still like to know how u access the lines to delete them??
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    I'm confused. I have the update, but don't have the option for "blink notifications" as shown in the image above.
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    This! I just turned on Gestures too and still nada. Plz help.
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    I had the same issue....this is what I was told......the phone has the ability but it is "commented out" right now. Meaning, now I'm no expert, that tweaking the code will allow you to have the blink notification. Personally I'm not one to tweak this phone, and I won't. I was further told that it probably will come down the road.....and was reminded that the blink notification was never promised in this update....

    I'm not happy either.......
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    yes i'd like to know how to access the lines, and how to uncomment them, thanks :)
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    This is what i have been asking. Still no replies. I am willing to access and hack my phone for this just list the instructions.
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    same here, i think we have to download a program, but not sure

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    Suggest you all you guys to be patient, there are some changes that experts on homebrew are working and running right now, to get various features.

    When these instructions come up and confirmed, even with a new video, I will let you know. Don´t do anything on your Pre meanwhile.
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    The instructions work great. I think I see why palm may have commented it out though. Sometimes it's not a smooth pulsation of the LED, it flickers/stutters a bit from time to time.

    For those wondering how to do it, check here:

    Specifically Option 2 "accessing linux". Of course to a novice editing those files in VI might be a bit painful so you guys may just want to wait until there's an easy homebrew app for it.

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    Now this info is coming on: post 9

    EDIT: You can use Notepad++ to edit the files, get that here

    No rooting required. Use WebOS Quick Install, set your phone to developer mode, plug it into your computer, then go to Tools > Receive file

    You need to copy 2 files, securityconfig-assistant.js and securityconfig-scene.html

    So in the Receive File window, put /usr/palm/applications/ in the File box and pick your desktop for the Destination Folder, then click get from device.

    Do the same for the next file, but the path is /usr/palm/applications/

    Now before you do anything, make backup copies of both of these files in case something gets messed up.

    In securityconfig-assistant.js remove the following:

    // from line 54
    // from line 55

    /* from line 248
    */ from line 251

    In securityconfig-scene.html remove the following:

    <!-- from line 92
    --> from line 97

    <!-- from line 101
    --> from line 103

    Save those 2 files. Then use WebOS Quick Install, Tools > Send File

    Send securityconfig-assistant.js from your desktop to /usr/palm/applications/

    Send securityconfig-scene.html from your desktop to /usr/palm/applications/

    Reset your phone and go to Screen and Lock, and you should have the option for Blink Notifications

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    OK my friend what is preware??
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    I dont understand why does the guys over at have to make any kind of hacks when palm has awesome chances to do things right, why write code then comment it out, what is the purpose of this, I got a feeling with this last update that Palm did this update half baked.

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