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    AKITAYO New Member

    OK guys these instructions are made for advanced/developer/enthusiast avanced tech persons.

    If you are not on those categories, pls don´t try it. Just wait for a native Blink Notification Palms made in a future WebOs update.

    It will come.
  2. PapiLou

    PapiLou New Member

    I didnt want to but I think I am going to have to do this and go homebrew. I cant hold out any longer.
  3. SSmokybear

    SSmokybear New Member

    what about a preware app or something until Palm decides to include it?? I really want this but dont want to mess up the phone.
  4. azkansei

    azkansei New Member

    You can't "mess up" the phone by editing some javascript and html files. It's a little more resilient than that :dft012:wink

    Even if you totally hose the OS, you can always use WebOS Doctor to write a fresh new one back on.

    Oh and I'm happy to report that after the first time when the LED seemed to stutter, it has been smooth and working very well!
  5. joek71

    joek71 New Member

    it will be put into autopatch, so this will all be automated just by selecting it in preware through one of the feeds. So there will be no need to edit any more files manually.
  6. SSmokybear

    SSmokybear New Member

    Explain this process if you would please. Where these autopatches found? This is the first i have heard of alot of these terms for the pre'. preware, autopatch, ect...
  7. joek71

    joek71 New Member

    The guy over at is working on WebOSQuickInstall and he will implement the autopatch inside the WebOSQuickInstall so you will have option to turn it on. If you have any question about patches, preware or anything else ask here and we will try to help, but to get the app go to and search for WebOSQuickInstall.
  8. jamiesbeck

    jamiesbeck New Member

    hi, i see its been about 2 months since there was any new info here. I just bought the pixi... SURPRISE! no missed call notification light. im coming from a 755 which had the little green light to show i missed something. call, text, alert..etc. i just spent 2 hours with palm Bi***ing! i just downloaded webos 1.3.1 and hoped it would be there...nope.
    soooo. is there anyway to get SOMETHING, lol, to flash when i miss a call or text?
    thanks. its a cool phone, but i can not keep it if i dont fix it asap. kind of ridiculous if you ask me.
  9. pendragon

    pendragon New Member

    The blink notification is a no brainer now thatnks to WebOS internal links at , download the operating system hack and install preware, you can pick and choose which fixes you want to install just by clicking on them, you'll find the phone is a completely different beast once it's patched
  10. jamiesbeck

    jamiesbeck New Member


    wasnt sure if this was a smart move with my Pixi
  11. pendragon

    pendragon New Member

    Works like a charm with the Pre, why wouldn't you patch the pixi?
  12. sandmanfvr

    sandmanfvr New Member

    Put this on via preware this weekend, just fine. To those that are wary of preware/homebrew, DO IT. Not breaking the phone, can redo the whole phone if needed. Alot of patches that are cool, like hang up the phone and the phone app closes automatically. Nice stuff.