Palm Releases Official Treo 750 Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade

Discussion in 'Treo 750' started by cmeinck, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. cmeinck

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  2. Freddye13

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    wm6 question

    Thanks! I looked at it and is it the version with all of AT&T's crap on it or is it considered an unbranded version like the one Trueluck put out, which I can not get to load on my 750 (computer Problems)?
  3. jfa

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    It has all the ATT ****ware on it. If you want all that stuff not on your device send a pm to fastlerner and he should mbe able to help you get the unbranded rom on your device.
  4. leogirl75

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    tomtom6 treo update for 750

    I have the tomtom 6 I used with my treo 680. I just got a 750 and did the update. When I enter the SD card into my 750 I get this error:

    Unable to start. An exception occurred: Memory access violation.

    Has anyone dealt with this?? Any suggestions is greaty appreciated. Thanks
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    First off, welcome to EverythingTreo.

    Now, didn't you already post in 2 other threads with the same question, one of which you created specifically for the question?

    Even if you hadn't, "sticky" threads are more for posting semi-permanent announcements than off topic discussions. Sticking to the thread topics helps everyone find what they're looking for.

    I'm sure we all appreciate the enthusiasm, but 1 thread is usually sufficient to get an answer. If someone can help, they will.

    Good luck.
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  6. BaggieBoy

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    I went through the same upgrade path, as the 680 just wasn't happy running TT6 + Traffic. The 750 I got had WM6 already installed. I just inserted the TT SD card, and it installed without incident and has been working fine ever since.
  7. BaggieBoy

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    Just to follow up. I said in my previous post that TT6 was working fine, which it it still is if I use use the "UK and Ireland" TT card I have. I also have a "Western Europe" TT card, which I tried for the first time today in the 750. After completing the the map activation, it failed with "An exception occurred: Memory access violation." Attempts to run again fail the same way. Switching back to the UK card works fine. I will investigate further.
  8. mresman

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    Can you please send me a pointer to the unbranded WM6 - Thanks!
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    Hello treo world.....
  10. rabbiporkchop

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    I downloaded both the desktop updater and the sd card updater and I haven't been able to get either of them to work on my ATT unlocked treo 750.:gasp:

    24 hours after I posted this I finally figured it out.I got the unbranded 2.27 rom to load over my branded 2.25 rom.
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  11. jfa

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    thanks for the followup. How did you get it to finally work? Please let us know.
  12. BeeJayEff

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    750v upgrade to WM6

    Yes, I know I've left it to the last minute, but I have finally got round to downloading the update, which has resulted in a file called on my desktop. The download seemed to go smoothly, and the file's size is 60.4 MB, but when I open it, it appears to be empty. Of course, I cannot download it again.

    Any ideas as to what's going on ?
  13. jfa

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    When you open it there should be a file I think called results which contains the actual update that either needs to be put on an sd card and transported to the device and then do a hard reset to get the file uploaded. Get the directions on how to do that from fastlerners posting s here in the 750 forum.
  14. zigzagzen

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    Hello everyone. I am new to the smartphone world and was just given a 50 from a freind. It was never used and it has WM5.0 on it. Palm has removed the 6.0 download. Does anyone know of a way I can get 6.0 on my phone?

  15. Terrster

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    Which version did you need?

    I was in the same boat myself but through alot of forum searching, I found a version for ATT branded phones 2.25 and an unbranded version 2.27. I went for the unbranded one initially as I'm using an unlocked Cingular branded phone on T-Mobile, but it wouldn't work. Kept saying it wasn't supported for some reason. So I went ahead and tried the ATT version since it was an ATT/Cingular phone originally anyway. That did the trick and I'm officially running 6.0 as of today. Here's the link to the ATT version, hopefully that'll work for you.,1189.html

    On a side note, what's the deal with 6.1? Was it officially released for the Treo 750? If so, does anyone have a link or a copy?
  16. zigzagzen

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    Thanks for the help

    I didn't get a sync cable but have one on the way. I will give this a shot when it arrives.
    I am looking at the phone and it branded "Cingular" Firmware version 1.17.20

    software verson

    Will that make any difference?


    Is this process pretty easy?
  17. Terrster

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    Hi, yeah it sounds like you have the same phone as me. So this should work for you. It's pretty easy to update it. Just connect the sync cable to the phone and computer, plug in the power to the phone, open the update software and away you go, just follow the prompts and you should be fine. Whole thing took me like 15 minutes. One piece of advice, when the phone resets itself and you see a message on the computer that you need to do some things to the phone, like callibrate the pointer, etc., you have to just sit tight a few minutes while the phone loads, until you see prompts appear on the phone screen to tell you what to do. Other than that it should be a breeze.
  18. zigzagzen

    zigzagzen New Member

    6.0 vs 6.1

    have you tried 6.1 ? is there a big difference?
  19. Terrster

    Terrster New Member

    I haven't tried it yet. I've read that it's faster and has some cool improvements, but can't say for sure if it's all that. I was hoping to find a copy to try out, but unless it falls in my lap, I think I'm just gonna sit tight and see how 6.0 does for now. Anybody else out there make the switch and have any feelings one way or another? Anybody have a copy?
  20. zigzagzen

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    is 6.0 a lot different than 5.0?

    Should I expect a much better experience. I am kind of a geek about this stuff. I get pretty pumped in anticipation of a new feel to the OS

    I will upgrade when the cable gets here this week