Palm Releases Official Treo 750 Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade

Discussion in 'Treo 750' started by cmeinck, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. Terrster

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    I'd say, from the perspective of newbie to smartphones, treos, palms, wm..I can't give an authoritative review of the differences and seemed more responsive and there were no delays when I make any selections, which I'd noticed with the original 5.0. There are some minor things that are kind of cool, like an actual mute button on the screen during a call. Initially it looks the same though appearancewise. Still finding out things as I go. Here's something I found that might be more helpful. An actual comparison of the versions.
  2. zigzagzen

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    I just got my cable in today. I can't get my PC to recognize the Palm. I am wondering if the cable is correct. It does fit but I have noticed that of 16 avaialible pins, only four are there. This could be that the rest aren't actually used or that the company sent the wrong cable. Does your Sync cable use all pins? Can anyone help with this?

    It could be I have to adjust settings but right now activesync on my laptop does not see the palm at all
  3. jfa

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    If you are talking about the usb sync and charge cable mine has four pins together and 1 a few spaces over.
  4. Terrster

    Terrster New Member have the Activesync 4.5 program on your laptop and it's running when you connect the cable? Mine kind of gave me trouble at first too. My PC didnt recognize what was being connected to the USB at first. Try plugging it into different USB ports maybe? Make sure the Palm is on and lit up, fiddle with it while it's synced. Try plugging and unplugging it? Just throwing out ideas, mine suddenly synced up, but it wasn't the first time, I think it was after I fiddled with it a bit.
  5. Terrster

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    Oh yeah and 1 more idea. Look under the File tab on the Activesync window and click on Connection Settings while your Palm is connected and make sure the Open Activesync When Device is Connected box is checked...might make something register.
  6. garyok52

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    hi new to treo so hello to everyone 2 questions if you can help..first I have a 750 (will have at xmas) it was of ebay but didnt come with a disk I have ordered 1 but it is for a 750v will it still work? secondly wm6 im not sure if my phone has been up graded can I download it and file it till the mrs says I can have my phone thanks
  7. Palm user

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    I juz got a Treo 750.
    I'm having problem on the B/tooth.
    Unable to receive any file from other device (phone/pc)
    Have any idea how to solve this problem?
  8. garyok52

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    is there anybody there????????