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Discussion in 'Treo 680' started by cmeinck, Dec 4, 2006.

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    I take it the yard went unmowed during the period you took doing the review? Ben
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    It's been 4 days and only 1 crash on my new 680. I had to return my first 680 it re-booted itself everytime I was in a new service area. I'm already looking foward to a firmware update
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    Does anyone else think the battery life of the 680 sucks? I am down to 25% by the end of a single work day...pls let me know if it is just my battery.
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    You are correct! I've actually become lawn obsessed, but that's faded a bit as it's become colder. It's not as bad as you think. The one particular photographed area is hard to reach due to the ivy.:tounge:
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    When asked why no reset hole, to paraphrase a response from Palm, "the OS is stable, so you don't need one". Of course, they did chuckle a bit when saying this...
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    I haven't noticed anything, but that could be due my usage pattern during testing. I will put it through the paces tomorrow and provide any feedback either way.


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    No reset hole? What is the option they give you now? I have my 680 coming in the mail as I write this. I still have my 600 and 650. Can't bare to part with them, like members of my It's a darn good thing that my Ipaq 6315 has a reset hole, have to reset that piece of junk everyda almost...I keep it around for the wifi. Man if Palm would ever go wifi that would be awsome! Don't mean to sound dumb...I am a new treo fan for about a year now. Where does the 680 come in placement with the 700, 750? I love to have the best on the market. I love the treo even with some of the draw backs.
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    You need to remove the battery to reset. Holding the power button while removing the battery and reinserting will initiate a hard reset.

    The 750 will have the same form factor, but it will run Windows Mobile. The 700p is larger form factor, but has the added advantage of EVDO and 1.3MP camera. I've drawn comparisons between them in my Treo 680 review.
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    Amen to that, brutha! So that we're all on the same page, please list your phone's info to see if Palm shipped out different/the same phones to everyone. Go to Phone button/icon > Menu > Options > Phone Info to get the information shown below. Your phone will show more fields than shown below (in bold), but we don't need to know your phone's SN:

    My phone: Unlocked GSM Treo 680 (Crimson)

    SA Number: 1001310410
    Firmware: MW01.50
    Software: TREO680-1.04-ROW
    Hardware: A
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    680- 1 week in


    Astonishingly bad battery life...barely a 1/2 day the way I use it, where my 650 could go a whole day without a recharge...and it seems my Jabra 250 is always in go mode which is nice as the range is WAY improved, but it too seems to run down rather quickly. Everything is a little faster- web and email way faster, but overall it will need a much more robust battery before I consider it an upgrade. Camera about the same, audio is improved and louder so I dont need Phone Technician as much- BUT- highly recommended as Bluetooth volume is still a bit of a problem.
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    Yes. The 680 battery life sucks. I just upgraded from a 650 that would go all day on a charge. Using Bluetooth, email and checking the web a few times on the 680 will drain the battery before noon. Disappointing.
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    How about the 700p with 680 form factor on GSM so say a 780p???
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    Good luck on the free upgrade to 750 right off the bat. Who do you think they are Hertz?
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    Mine is not the same. I just got it. Is this something i need to worry about?
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    You're okay. It looks like yours is a Cingular subsidized handset, not an Unlocked GSM one.

    Go to and apply the Camera Update, and you should be golden.
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    You're correct, it is Cingular. I've already done the camera update, thanks. I just need to do the battery thingy for longer life, and I'll try that one little download that lets you disconnect from the web without needing to go to Preferences.

    Thanks again.
  19. sfamns

    sfamns New Member which one do u treo trekkies think is better?? I am getting ready to upgrade from a 600 to either the 650 or 680. Have not seen the best reviews on the 680 so my mind is telling me to stick with the 650. What do ya think??
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    Definitely go with the 680. More memory, faster processor, no antenna, sleeker design. I really liked the 650, but the 680 is much better. The battery life is less, even after the camera fix, but still worth it.