Palm Treo 680 Review

Discussion in 'Treo 680' started by cmeinck, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. cmeinck

    cmeinck Administrator

    If you are upgrading from a Treo 600, then definitely go with the Treo 680.
  2. diatribe69

    diatribe69 New Member

    I'd hold out if you can. Wait and see what the 750 has in store, not to mention Apple's iPhone, which is rumoured to be released in April, not June.

    I'm really disappointed with my 680. Absolutely speaking, it's a great phone. However, when compared to my 600 is where I really get irked. You'd think that with all the development time and advances in CPU that the 680 would blow away the 600. Definitely not the case. In fact, I've seen things get worse (read my various posts discussing letdowns in usability and performance) when they were supposed to get better.

    Sluggish reaction to inputs, annoying user interface changes, and random resets, not to mention the horrid battery life. Again, I am making my comparisons relative to the 600 I just parted with. Aside from the missing antenna stub, I really don't see how the 680 is that much better than the 600.

    Unless you can get one virtually free from Cingular, save your dead presidents.
  3. smknSRT8

    smknSRT8 New Member

    me too except i actually had to charge mine BEFORE i went to sleep or else it would have died on me last there an upgradeable battery anywhere????
  4. ti2gr

    ti2gr New Member

    Since installing the update the battery life is far better. I get home from work now and I am down to 91% whera before the update it might be in low 80% range. Last night I left it off the charger al night and this morning it was still down to 89%, just 2% lower than earlier that afternoon after I got home from work.

    Last week I made a 50 minute phone call and thought for sure the battery would be depleted, but when I checked it was at 78%. I am hapy with the battery thus far.
  5. smknSRT8

    smknSRT8 New Member

    where can i find the update?
  6. cmeinck

    cmeinck Administrator

    Here's the link to the Palm Camera update.

  7. smknSRT8

    smknSRT8 New Member

    thanks chris, i really appreciate it. i just did it on the treo, hopefully i get better battery life now!
  8. Justme

    Justme New Member

    In all honestly, I am somewhat regretting my upgrade from my 650 to the 680. Have some issues to figure out and the battery life sucks compared to the 650. Maybe with time I will come around, but I agree with Seeker3 - the lack of antenna and faster system overall is really sweet.
  9. N8DOG

    N8DOG New Member

    I'M new here but seems the major issue is battery life..... i just did the upgrade and have no idea what the diff will be as i only got the 680 friday night due to a lost slvr which was fantastic but i lost it so hey new phone
  10. E Pow

    E Pow New Member

    I hate the battery life. I've been a Treo addict for over 4 years now. I recently used a Blackberry for 4 months and while I enjoyed the RIM system I missed my Treo. I'd have to say that Blackberry has to be the best battery life by far. I guess you can never be 100% satisfied. I love Treo but hate the battery life, dont want to switch back to Blackberry but LOVE the battery life.
  11. cmeinck

    cmeinck Administrator

    I'm not sure if this post is still works, but check out these Treo 680 battery tips. Out of curiosity, which model BlackBerry did have?