Palm treo 680 will not turn on!!!!

Discussion in 'Treo 680' started by mxww, Aug 2, 2009.

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    ok so my mom gave me her treo 680 as an upgrade because she got a new blackberry. i was having tons of fun with it last night, it was working fine. i was texting, calling, and personalizing it for hours. so i go to bed, put it on a charger and when i wake up it wont turn on. the only sign of life is the red indicator light that is on (its still on the charger, if i take it off the light goes off). i took the battery out and put it back in and the screen comes on with the palm logo and the loading bar fills up and when it reaches the end, the screen goes black again. i've found plenty of people who have this issue online, but nobody seems to have found a solution. i dont want to do anything drastic like a hard reset if i dont have to and i've read that sometimes doesnt work anyway. please help! Thanks!
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    Did you get an answer?

    Mine is doing the same thing...did you get a solution?