Palm Treo 750 gets hung

Discussion in 'Treo 750' started by jamorod, Jan 1, 2010.

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    Hi there,

    I bought a new Palm Treo 750 in May... until about a month ago, it was working quite fine.

    Suddenly, one fine day when I wanted to take a picture in the train (I live in Bombay), I pressed the short-cut button for the camera (which I have customized as the left-hand-side button), and the whole device just hung up. I put it back in my pocket and even after several minutes, it was still hung. I did a reset by removing the battery and came back to life... but since then, the device has not been the same.

    I have not discovered the pattern when this happens... at times, when I want to go from one application to other, having several open, it hangs up and it takes many seconds, even minutes, before I can do anything. Other times, there is no application open at all and when I try to open anything, even if it is just the calendar or the contacts, takes many seconds before I can do anything... I just can see the coloured-circle turning and turning. Sometimes, I am just looking for a contact, with no other application open... and it hangs!

    I stopped using the pouch I had, just in case the magnet was affecting the device, but no improvement. The whole last week I kept the phone off, using only the calendar, contacts and Word mobile... practically no improvement. I have done several resets by the right-hand-side button and by removing the battery, but no improvement either.

    This is quite troublesome, also because at times it gets hung while receiving a call, and I cannot do anything, not even talk to the person calling me, for quite some time...

    I hope somebody can give me a hand on this, as I have no clue what is going on!