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Discussion in 'Centro Software' started by LanceRage, May 20, 2009.

  1. LanceRage

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    Does anyone know how I can use my centro as a modem for my computer without buying a phone-as-modem plan and PDANET?\
  2. jayjbird

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    PM me i can help ya out
  3. BigPapaGato

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    jay can you post it here.. as i am interested in learning as well?
  4. jayjbird

    jayjbird New Member

    no i will have to email it to you
  5. BigPapaGato

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  6. James Chapman

    James Chapman New Member

    The answer depends on your service provider. Verizon, it seems, supports using the Centro or any smart phone as a modem (a.k.a "tethering) under any of their data plans. You do need to install the VZW Access Manager software on your PC.
  7. Greengirl

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    Can you email it to me, too?