Phone Freeze 700p and 755p

Discussion in 'General Treo Discussion' started by shmerls, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. shmerls

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    Both my 700p and 755p suffer from an intermittent OS freeze, which rectifies in about 10-20 seconds. It can happen when switching apps or even when typing a text or email.

    I have the latest OS on both and the same applications and my phone is up to date per Verizon Tech Support in all configurations. So I'm thinking it might be one of my 3rd party apps. If so, I'm wondering if anyone might know which one:

    I have:

    Bejeweled 2, CorePlayer, Documents To Go, Nexus, VideoHound, SplashPhoto, SplashID, Yahtzee, Snapper.

    Since the freezes happened before adding the following, I doubt it's them:

    SplashMoney, SplashShopper, VoiceDial (uninstalled but in app home list)

    Thanks for any insights.
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    Phone freeze 755P

    My 755P freezes from time to time just as you described does so for 10-20 seconds, then is fine. I The only app we have installed in common is docs to go ...I've learned to deal with it and chalk it up as "it is what it is"