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Discussion in 'Treo 700p' started by doomsday1969, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. doomsday1969

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    I'm going to do a hard reset...but where could I find the PIM data in my backup folder? ...How does it look like?...:gasp:
  2. kdallen

    kdallen Moderator

    Try looking in this folder on your computer:

    C:\Program Files\palmOne\YOUR USERNAME\Backup
  3. jreagles16

    jreagles16 New Member

    How do just sync calendar,contacts, memos, and tasks only without installing your third party applications?

    After a hard reset.
  4. kdallen

    kdallen Moderator

    A good way to get just your PIM data (contacts, calendar, memos, etc.) back after a hard reset is to:

    1. Go to your backup folder on your computer, and move it to (to your desktop, for example), then rename it something like "old". This will ensure you don't get any potentially corrupted stuff back onto your Treo when you sync.

    2. Perform the hard reset. This erases everything.

    3. Set your Palm Desktop conduits to "desktop overwrites device" for the contacts, memos, whatever you want to keep.

    4. Perform a sync. This will put your PIM data back onto your Treo and create a new backup folder with your username.

    5. After this, if you needed the hard reset because of one of your apps acting funny, I recommend checking with the developers' sites to make sure you're putting the most recent version of your apps back onto your Treo via Quick Install. I recommend doing them one at at time, to avoid/ID conflicts.

    This brings us to the reason for the hard reset. If you don't know what created the need, the above method can help ID what the problem was. You could also copy the .prc files from your "old" folder, if you had a pretty good idea what caused the problem, like a newly-installed file.

    This takes us somewhere else. If it was caused because you were trying out something new, I'm assuming you don't have any kind of uninstaller program. Try checking out Uninstaller, Destaller Lite, or a similar uninstaller app.

    Now, we get to a way you could have avoided the trouble. If you have a good backup app, like RescoBackup, BackupMan, etc., you could have done a backup before loading anew app. That way, if your Treo started acting funny, you could just restore from your last good backup.

    Hope this helps.