SMS "mail" merge application?

Discussion in 'Treo 755p' started by schiche, Aug 11, 2008.

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    I am looking for a palm OS app for my treo 755p that would allow me to send a bulk SMS message to people in my contacts with the possibility to personalize each text by inserting things like first name, etc..

    does such an application exist for the treo?

    (I want people to get an text that shows as coming from my phone number, not an email address.. maybe some web site allows that?)
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    Ever tried ?

    Mail Merge SMS is a website for sending bulk SMS messages, directly from a CSV / Spreadsheet file.

    So, if you want to address your subscribers by name, and give them personalized information, you can export your spreadsheet to CSV, upload it to this website, and send a mail-merged SMS from anywhere with a web connection. allows you to send SMS to many people at once, with variations in the text to allow you to customize each email to be tailored to each recipient's profile.

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    go to

    www. freedownloadscenter .com/Search/mail_merge_software.html