Takes 3 seconds for touch screen to turn on

Discussion in 'Treo 755p' started by CubN88510, Sep 14, 2008.

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    First of all, I love my Treo 755p! I've had mine for 1 year.

    Has anyone encountered this? When I push the "Power/End" button to activate my Treo, it takes approx. 3 seconds for my phone to wake up and illuminate the touch screen. This only occurrs when the phone is NOT plugged in for charging. When the phone is charging, the "Power/End" button activates the touch screen illumination normally. I've taken the Mini SD card out of the phone and had the same results.

    It's rather frustrating to wait 3 seconds to make a phone call or access an application!

    Your thoughts and trouble shooting ideas...

    Sprint Treo 755p (blue) with RiDATA Mini SDHC 4GB card.
    Apps installed: Adobe Reader v3.0, Astro Info v3.0, Bell Time v1.1, Car Payment v0.0, Checkbook v5.4, Egg Timer v1.0, FileView v1.0, Flight Status v1.0, Gizmo v1.0, Goggle Maps v2.0.2.0, Kinoma vOEM, Manifest v4.93, Minitones v1.0, Palm VNC v2.0.5, Phoon v2.4, pTunes v4.0.7, Tide Tool v2.2, TreoHour v5.0, U2U v2.1.1, Yaps v2.5, and a bunch of games.
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    Hello and welcome. It seems that since it does not act this way when it is plugged in, perhaps the battery you have is dying and not putting out appropriate voltage. Do a hotsync or backup your system on a card backup program and do a hard reset. Restore your phone from your backup and test it for a few days. If it continues on that same way, perhaps buy a fresh new battery and charge it for at least 12 hours before use. good luck.
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    Thank you for the suggestions. I Hot Sync almost daily. I already have all files backed-up to the Mini SD & performed a Hard Reset about 2 months ago with no fix afterwards. I'll purchase a new battery and see it that will correct the issue. I have noticed my battery life has deteriorated slightly since it was brand new.

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