Tether 755p (VZW) on Vista 64bit?

Discussion in 'Treo 755p' started by gpquinn, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. gpquinn

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    Ok I know that USB hotsync does not work in 64 bit versions of Vista.

    Does the same limitation affect tethering to Verizon's VZAccess Manager software? I could care less about syncing (since I do this with another PC) but I frequently use my Treo as a modem with a laptop when traveling (up til now, XP Pro 32 bit).

    I am being given a new laptop with Vista 64 bit (no option to get 32 bit) but it has not arrived. I have searched these forums without an answer regarding the VZAccess program.

    IF the USB problem is an ACCESS driver (Palm Desktop), then I might assume that is separate from the Verizon software recognizing the phone as a modem, but I am not sure...

    Anyone with any experience tethering to Vista 64 bit, input would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. volcom45

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    USBModem's USB driver works great in 64bit OS's. I use it on my 755P in Vista 64bit and it works perfect. It totally sucks though that Palm is too lazy to write us a 64bit driver so that the damn phone can charge while plugged into usb. My phone drains real quickly on the battery using tethering as a modem! Only way around is to use Bluetooth while plugged into the charging cable which is significantly slower than the USB cable. :( Palm fails us again as always!
  3. gpquinn

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    OK I just saw the specs of what I'm getting and they don't mention 64 bit anywhere. I may be in luck all around...
  4. CubN88510

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    [USBModem's USB driver works great in 64bit OS's. I use it on my 755P in Vista 64bit and it works perfect.]

    Will the USBModem software allow you to HotSync to Palm Desktop installed on a 64-bit Vista machine via the USB cord? I'm running Windows 7 and haven't had any luck finding a way to HotSync. Palm Desktop loads onto Windows 7 fine. The USB cord will not recognize the Treo when plugged in.