treo 600 acting as modem for laptop

Discussion in 'Treo 600' started by, Sep 23, 2004.

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    is it possible to link the treo 600 via the infrared to my Powerbook G4 so that it acts as a modem receiving email into entoyrage on my Mac?
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    I can't answer your specific question about the Mac, but I use PDA Net from with a sync cable to make my Treo 600 create an internet connection. This is an incredibly cool function, and I use it extensively when I travel. No more $10 per day internet access charges at the Sheraton; I can surf the web from airport lounges from free, etc....
    I use a Windows laptop. Let's hope someone jumps in with an answer for the Mac.
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    thanks very much indeed. The key thing is that at least this tells me i'm not missing something obvious. I just couldn't understand why I couldn't find info about this capability in the manuals! I'll follow up this software and see if they have a Mac version!
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    I my only problem with PDANet is that I can not download it from my treo 600. You got to download it to your PC and then to Treo....but if I had internet on my PC I wouldn't need my treo as a modem....anything else I can do to use my internet from treo to my PC?
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    Perhaps you could

    a) Have a friend download it.
    b) Ask the software company to send you a disk.

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    Here are some instructions, but I don't know if they work.