treo 600 battery issues and network problems

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    my treo 600 is on Orange in the UK. I've had it over a year and am a great fan, but recently have had network problems, calls being dropped, the treo just restarting for no reason, and giving me battery warnings even though it's been charged. I've tried completely discharging the battery and fully charging it. But any ideas on battery replacement - is this possible? And I continue to be annoyed that I can not use this device as a moden with my Macintosh laptop (Powerbook G4). Does anyone know if one can do this with the treo 650 presumably using the Bluetooth capability? I'm seriously wondering about whether to get a more reliable phone to act as modem, and a separate PDA.
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    I had the same issues...frequent restarting while making calls, battery not charging. My carrier (Sprint) replaced the phone for me at no charge. There was a note about the problem on the Palm One web site that suggested that I have my carrier replace the phone.
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    thanks for this. yes, i gave up on it and called my service provider orange. I had spoken to them about it twice already, but by the third time they accepted it was a faulty handset and sent me a new one!
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    dropped calls

    sounds likeyou need a new battery....not impossible to replace yourself..with care...get a T6 tool and a battery and take out the 4 screws..take off case take out old battery and put in new one...with care....
    new one needs to charge over night so do a hot sync before...
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    Thanks but could you tell me where the 4 screws are located or how to get the back off and where can I get a T6 Tool. Thanks