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Discussion in 'Treo 600' started by ferwoods53, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. ferwoods53

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    Anyone needs help unlocking the Treo 600 T-Mobile. I upgraded to the new software and my treo600 locked. I asked for help unlocking my Treo 600 and I got the unlocking software Free so I'm passing the software around Free. The software unlocked my Treo. E-mail me and I will send the software and instructions to you.
    Happy Treo User
    Hope this Info Helps

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  2. chmims

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    request for unlock code for t-Mobile Treo 600

    Could you please send me the info needed to unlock my T-Mobile Treo 600

  3. drum

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  4. coqueiro

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    Unlock software for Treo 600

    Hi. This is very generous of you.

    Can you send me the unlocker at


  5. azalan

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  6. mark425

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    Unlock Code for Cingular/AT&T Treo 600

    Does anyone have or know where I can get the unlock code for my Treo 600 Cingular/formerly AT&T phone. I orgiinally bought it on Ebay unlocked. It malfunctioned. Palm wants $199 to fix it and Cingular/AT&T is echanging it for an locked one only! :thumbdown

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  7. biggdaddy

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    Unlock Treo

    Hi, thread

    this is really great of you to offer this. can you please send the code to unlock the treo 600 send it to me at

  8. cmeinck

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    Just a recommendation to everyone here, you might want to use the Forums built in PM system rather than leaving your email addresses exposed. Feel free to edit your posts accordingly.

    ...thanks to Fernwoods53 for sharing this info with the group.

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    I would appreciate the unlocking info also. Please PM me w/the software or whatever it is that I will need. I have an AT&T wireless Treo 600.
  10. R1blade75

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    Has anyone received the software yet? If they have, please send to

  11. star777

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    thanks for this contribution, pls send me link for unlocking treo 600
  12. multiturk

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    unlock treo 600

    I would appreciate the unlocking info also. Please PM me w/the software or whatever it is that I will need. I have an AT&T wireless Treo 600.
  13. pakersh

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    request code

    Yes, please send unlock file.

    Thank you
  14. TimBoch

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    I have a Treo600 AT&T phone. Could you send me the unlock file. Thank you for your help and generosity!!
  15. pakersh

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    unlock code for Treo 600

    Thank you for posting here. I would like to get the unlock software too.
  16. edgar

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    unlock software for treo 600

    i have a treo 600 but needs to be unlock, please send me too!
  17. karim

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    me to please can send me da unlock code for the treo 600 please
  18. shraddha

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    Thank you...that is extremely generous.
    Please email me the software to
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