Treo 680 always in phone off mode

Discussion in 'Treo 680' started by marcx987, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. marcx987

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    My phone is constantly in phone off mode. When i try to turn it on the led turns solid red, log on screen comes on and still the phone says its off. Ive tried hard reset/soft reset. I dont know what is wrong with the phone. Sim card is brand new and was working till few days ago.

    The battery is reading full charge and sometimes when i leave it on the charger for few hours after a soft reset. it will work and connect to the network but not for long. The phone will freeze a lil while after and then after another soft reset it will stop working again.

    I saw another thread on here about red light that hasn't been updated in over a year. Anybody have any ideas about this . i haven't replaced the battery yet cause dont want to replace it then it not have anything to do with the problem. Also on warm reset it says not enough battery power to do this operation. battery reads 99% and even after recalibrating still says 99%(after full charge
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  2. l3vi

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    Same thing

    My Treo 680 started doing the exact same thing about an hour ago...

    If I find a fix, i'll post it.
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    yea i still cant find a fix for this and i dont know anyone with hardware diagnostic tools for the treo. and this is the only thing wrong with the phone all apps and other games still work idk if is a antennae problems or not and palm to send to them they want 200 bucks which is rediculous
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    Yeah same here, the phone still works great. It's only when I try to connect to the network it restarts. I went by At&t today, got a new SIM card, since mine was so old (Had Cingular logo on it). Same problem, so I guess I'm gonna have to borrow a phone from a friend until I find a phone I want. I might hold off until they get the Pixi (Might be a rumor, but I hope they get it).

    I had the Centro, but it fell out of my pocket as I was shutting my car door.. and I crunched it. My 680 had water a few years ago, but I kept it in my desk.. just in case. After I broke my Centro, my 680 worked again... so maybe time will fix it again..
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    Palm Always Has Red Charging Light On

    My daughter's phone had the same issue of the red charging light remaining on constantly and the phone not booting up....

    I something similar happen to a PSP console too.

    If you have a Sandisk or other type of expandable data card in the phone... remove it.

    Remove the battery for about a minute and put the batter back in...

    The data card is probably corrupt and needs to be reformatted.

    I did this and the phone booted with no problems.

    Just like my PSP.

    Hope this Helps....
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    thanks for the tip, I borrowed a friends HTC Tilt, it sucked worse than having a phone that wouldn't connect to the network. Gave that back to him and got a blackberry :( .