Treo as external modem on Verizon

Discussion in 'Treo and Mac OS X' started by shariholloway, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. shariholloway

    shariholloway New Member

    I have a Treo 650 on Verizon. Can I use it as an external modem with my Powerbook running Tiger?
  2. tbanucci

    tbanucci New Member

    Anyone else know this? I'm curious too.
  3. Dr.Grace

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    Do a search on for BT DUN; it's been discussed thoroughly there. Or, if you're using a PC, you can buy software called PDAnet.

  4. cmeinck

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    How about we just post the findings here at Everything Treo. :rolleyes:

    I will quote this as it's not from where credit is due.. thanks to mithras at TC.

    Your mileage may vary. Share your results - I'd be interested to hear how you make out.
  5. Dr.Grace

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    It's useful to note that this can use up a lot of bandwidth and unless you're on an unlimited data plan can get expensive quickly. Not to mention that you could become "persona non grata" with your carrier.

  6. cmeinck

    cmeinck Administrator

    A good friend of mine used regular Treo data for a month when Verizon had him set up as not having unlimited data. Well, long story short, his bill was over $2k. Luckily, they reversed the charges. He told me had temporary heart failure. :shocked:

    I could see BT DUN using large chunks of data -- enough to get noticed (if Verizon wanted to know). I'm guessing that a company like Verizon is too busy with all their businesses to worry about a few renegades sucking up bandwith.

    Have you heard of anyone getting a slap on the hand for this?Huh?

  7. Dr.Grace

    Dr.Grace New Member

    Actually, no. But it's theoretically possible.
  8. shariholloway

    shariholloway New Member


    Forgive me, I'm still a little Treo illiterate!

    I have some questions about how to set up the BTmanager.prc.

    1. How do I drag and drop BTManager.verizon.prc onto Bluetooth File Exchange? I'm not familiar with Bluetooth File Exchange.

    2. It says to disable any programs that use the network connection? Would Versamail be one of those programs?


  9. Dr.Grace

    Dr.Grace New Member

    I'm not sure that will work with the Verizon Treo. You can send the file as an e-mail attachment and save it to the SD card, then use the free FILEZ program to move it over to the internal memory. Or you can use a card reader to load the file from your powerbook onto the SD card directly.

    You might need to delete the Treo's existing BTmanager file from the internal memory???

    This is all on the site.

    I've never used Versamail, but yes, it would make network connections if you have it set to check mail periodically or receive push mail. If you only tell it to check mail on command, then I suppose that wouldn't be a problem.
  10. tbanucci

    tbanucci New Member

    Hey thanks everytone for helping out with this, especially to Chris for posting the reprint of the step-by-step. It works great! So much faster than the browser on the phone, and so much more convenient if I happen to have the PBook nearby.

    Ted :w00t:
  11. anthea.tillyer

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    I'm a bit late responding to this and you probably have your answer already, but yes, you can use mac with bluetooth to set your 650 up as an external modem. Works well.

    I don't know any other way but Bluetooth.

  12. tbanucci

    tbanucci New Member


    You need to read all of the threads before responding. There was an answer way back in the 4th post on this thread.
  13. robo rob

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    hey chris,

    wher r da scrips? verizon ones man? cant find em
  14. tbanucci

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  15. robo rob

    robo rob New Member

    thnx but this

    1_VZW_Generic_1X_ON_230400 (you can find that here)
    is this something you type in or is it a script that has to be installed/
    if installed where to find it?

    u know?:sad:
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  16. tbanucci

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  17. robo rob

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    got evrything done went over it 4 times. am i missing something?

    HOOOOO ilove you guys man. did i tell you how much i love you guys, I GOT IT. ^ hours later but i think that has to do with my experiince[supanuwbee]
    Evetyting treo is da joint!!!
    Chris/Tubanucci , all you tech CATS who put in there 2centsget Many Big MAHALOS <thnz>
    from the gardens isle of KAuaii
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  18. tbanucci

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    Just don't use it on Mt. Waialeale. You'll get your phone all wet.
  19. Garmes

    Garmes New Member

    Connecting to the internet through bluetooth

    Treo. :rolleyes:
    This is the first time I am trying to use this and I am not sure if I am doing it correctly. Well, here it goes: I have tryied the step by step instructions to connect my MAC (OS10.4.2) to my treo using bluetooth and I coulld not connect. Obvioulsy I am doing something wrong. The only difference that I see is that I could not find the Modem Script: 1_VZW_Generic_1X_ON_230400 (you can find that here)

    in step 2f and I was given three other choices:
    Verizon 1xQNC Modem Script
    Verizon 1xRTT Modem Script
    Verizon Support (PC 5220)

    I tried all of them and none worked (so far). I also noticed that I cannot sync my entourage with the treo anymore through the cable (it was working before). ANy comments?!

    I will quote this as it's not from where credit is due.. thanks to mithras at TC.

    Your mileage may vary. Share your results - I'd be interested to hear how you make out.[/QUOTE]
  20. tbanucci

    tbanucci New Member

    Look in the Modem Scripts folder.

    I swear a lot of you guys give up way too easily. You all need to read more and search Google. It's not so hard. When you go down a wrong path, back up and try something different. :wacko: