Treo newbie with a question about SIM card and contacts

Discussion in 'Treo 650' started by jowille, Nov 12, 2005.

  1. jowille

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    I just got a new treo 650 and it is great! I inserted the old sim card from my nokia 3595 into the treo and the phone works great but I cannot find any of my stored contact numbers. I thought the contact list was stored on the sim, am I mistaken? I put the card back in the nokia and they are there. How can I tranfer my contact list into the Treo?


  2. Ces

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    Your contacts have not been inputed into your sim card but rather in your nokia's memory.
  3. jowille

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    Thanks, I appreciate the reply! Oh well, I guess tomorrow I will reload everything into outlook and hotsyc! Darn, I have a lot of numbers too!

    Thanks again,

  4. jowille

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    Found the answer!

    I found my answer! I didn't particularly enjoy the thought of manually re-entering all of my numbers. I found the option in the nokia phone to save the contact list to the sim card and then imported them on the treo! I now have all my contacts!

    now if I can only do it with ringtones..... :)

  5. anthea.tillyer

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    transferring contacts to SIM

    I don't know the Nokia that you are referring to, but all of them have a function where you can transfer your contacts to your SIM. I suggest you play around with/read the manual for your Nokia and put your contacts on your SIM. Then you can transfer them to your 650, Great!