volume too low during voice calls.

Discussion in 'Palm Pre' started by specialk81, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. specialk81

    specialk81 New Member

    has any of you people having a problem with the volume to low during voice calls?? or muffled when talking to someone else with a pre??
  2. SSmokybear

    SSmokybear New Member

    I think it is super low too. I thought for a minute I was getting old and going deaf.
  3. wega1985

    wega1985 New Member

    Coming from a Q9c, not only does it seem just as loud, but it also a better range. It used to be sometimes too loud on my Q9c, and I'd be unable to go any quieter.

    Of course this is totally relative and depends on what phone you had previously.
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  4. specialk81

    specialk81 New Member

    my girlfriend says it always too low for her. so i dont know just wondering if everyone else has this problem
  5. upSLIDEdown

    upSLIDEdown New Member

    I've been getting the same complaints. People say I sound muffled, like I'm in a hole...
  6. Reign

    Reign New Member

    That's because your hand is next to the microphone. I've done it a couple of times. You just have to get used to it.


    I agree. The volume is too low. On every phone I've ever had, I've always had the volume well below full. I have to leave it at full on this phone.
  7. whovous

    whovous New Member

    If you are left handed, try moving it to your right hand. There is a good chance the problem will go away. There's a logical reason, but it can be fun trying to figure it out.
  8. robflying

    robflying New Member

    Okay I'll play the silly game??????:tounge:
  9. whovous

    whovous New Member

    Are you left handed? Did you try the right hand?
  10. mwarez

    mwarez New Member

    I agree that it is too low....speaker is too low as well
  11. robflying

    robflying New Member

    You know whats annoying when you go to sprint and ask for help! Another part of horrible customer service, it sound fine to them. They ask or say can it just be the connection you are having. I do have to admit there are certain times when it is a bit clear, not often tho.
    They know of the issue but do not admit to the issue, or come up saying that its being worked on, or offer recalls for a defective item! If Sprint can't fix there problems I give the three years they'll either be gone or absorbed by another company like Verizon or at&t. Our bills might be a mess but problems will get fixed!
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  12. karmabites

    karmabites New Member

    I have returned three Pres due to muffled voice - no one can understand what I am saying 75% of the time. Now the third phone has an unresponsive touch screen issue. I had to write to Palm CEO to get a new Pre because I was beyond the 30 days. Sprint only wanted to replace it with a refurbished unit. I declined. Waiting for the new Pre to arrive and I am keeping my fingers crossed. This has been very frustrating.
  13. robflying

    robflying New Member

    I'm on my second phone, still same issue. Its a software issue that palm needs to fix, I think they are dragging their feet fixing the problems with this phone. Unfortunaly I'm stuck with a two year plan, after thats over if its still the same, then iphone here I go. This is a nice phone the best to my opinion Sprint has to offer, but not that nice with issues such as this one with the muffleing sound!
  14. AmericanTemplar

    AmericanTemplar New Member

    So has anyone figured out a way to fix the low speaker volume. I'm on Pre number 2 & think I may need to take it back & get number 3 & sacrifice the time & money I spent on the phantom skins & the time I spent waiting around at the Sprint store for the last replacement.
  15. AmericanTemplar

    AmericanTemplar New Member

    Went to the Sprint store & it looks like I'm gonna have to get another phone. Ordered more Phantom Skinz. :(
  16. misterzeno

    misterzeno New Member

    ...I think its just low..could just be the hardware
  17. seraphemz

    seraphemz New Member

    For me and other that I know.. its not a problem. Speaker is fine. I think that its a user problem...
  18. AmericanTemplar

    AmericanTemplar New Member

    Definitely some sort of malfunction. I've tried everything & callers are still barely audible.
  19. biglew27

    biglew27 New Member

    The only times I've had complaints about the volume being too low is when my cheek rests against the microphone. I really wish they'd have pit it on the edge of the phone instead of the face. Moving the bottom of the phone away from my cheek seems to help.