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Discussion in 'Treo 750' started by olkev, Jun 25, 2008.

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    I posted this a couple of days ago on the Intro board in the forum and did not get a response so I thought I would try here.

    I've decided to upgrade from a T-Mobile RAZR to an AT&T Treo. I've had some experience with the Palm OS in a Sony Clie, but none with the Windows Mobile OS. I'm trying to decide between a 750 and a 680.

    Is there much difference in the processors or RAM? How about the RAM; any differences in size between the two phones? Do these phones max out with external memory at 2GB or will 4GB work with an adaptor? (My wife's Centro is at 4GB)

    I know for sure that I want to use some 3rd party medical programs such as Skyscape, Epocrates, & Johns Hopkins Antibiotic Guide. I also what to use AvantGo. The Windows Office syncing and transferability is a plus. I most likely would like to explore utilizing a Spectec WiFi card as well.

    My greatest concern is OS crashing. I've heard that Windows Mobile is much more prone to that than Palm. I've also heard that transferring aftermarket ringtones is a problem with one or both of the phones.

    I'm looking for someone to sell me one way or the other on one of these phones. I think I would get a more honest appraisal here than from a sales rep. What say you experienced Treo users? Is one of these phones just head and shoulders above the other? If so, why?

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    When running WM6, the 750 supports full 3G/HSDPA which gives you broadband speeds. Plus the "internet sharing" application lets you tether your computer and use your phone's connection to surf the web.

    It also supports SDHC cards and many folks are running 8GB SDHC cards with no issues (but you may be able to go even higher).

    WM5 definitely had issues, but overall WM6 is much smoother and more stable.

    Lot's of folks also use the Spectec wifi cards with the 750.

    Transferring ringtones in Windows Mobile is no issue. Just drop them in your "my ringtones" folder and assign them to types of calls or contacts. Nothing extra required.

    Coming from a Palm OS, there will be a bit of a learning curve with WM, but you'll get the swing pretty quick. It's not that different from windows on a PC.

    I've had my 750 for a year now and wouldn't trade it.