Which Treo is best for a Mac user?

Discussion in 'General Treo Discussion' started by Philcs, Aug 21, 2008.

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    I've had a Treo 600 and then a 650, which has just died by non-stop rebooting itself.
    I hear criticism and hedged praise for the 755p. Before I upgrade, I wonder if anyone in this forum could advise which is the best available Treo model for a Mac user.
    I would also want to instal Documents to Go, and to have it sync with Mac (either it's Mail/iCal or Entourage for Mac). I have no problem about SD vs mini-SD cards.
    Any advice gratefully received.
  2. cmeinck

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    You would probably want to stick with a Palm OS based Treo. That leaves you with the Treo 755p and the Palm Centro. Both run Palm OS and will sync with iCal. You will not be able to sync with Mail on your Mac.

    If you decided on a Windows Mobile Treo, then you'd need third party software such as Missing Sync for Windows Mobile to enable syncing with your Mac. I have used this product and it does work well.

    Who is your wireless carrier?

  3. Philcs

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    Thanks for the quick response. I actually live in Thailand where phones are sold separately to mobile company accounts. My carrier is a GSM service that uses both 800 and 1500. My 600 treo kept flipping between them, but the 650 was much more stable phonewise, but the telephony was one of it's weakest features here.
    They don't seem to sell Palms here anymore so I'm looking to pick one up in Singapore or have a friend buy one in London. Though i don't know if they sell them without service contracts in the UK.

    I don't fret about the email; it's really the other features I depend on. I wrote two chapters of my last book on my Treo and often use it for note taking. It could really use a voice recorder; does the 755 have one? I've tried a friend's iPhone and found it great in audio-visual aspects but crap in anything word-based. Taking notes on it would be absurd; it is so clumsy and ineffective. They mistake one-button and no options for genuine simplicity, which the Treo's 5+ function buttons achieve better, easier and faster.

    I've heard the battery's not so good. My treos always went 3-4 days without a carge, falling to 2 days after a couple of years intensive use. They're also robust, whereas the iPhone feels like you need to protect it, and do so with bulky cases.

    Is the Treo camera any better? The 650's was shockingly bad.
    Best though, is a trilingual (Eng-Thai-phonetic) dictionary that was brilliantly conceived and operated using predictive text and typing. So good you can use it in conversation as a prompt that doesn't stop flow, unlike any book or 'Talking Dict' machine could do. It was developed by Word in the Hand inc.

    Thanks for your thoughts.
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    Hi Philcs

    If you are not using email or internet on a 755P the battery life is indeed 3 or 4 days. It does have a Voice Memo feature and the camera is THE WORST I have ever used on a phone.

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    He also gave a very open review of the iPhone.