windows 7 64 bit - can't get driver for Centro

Discussion in 'Centro Software' started by jim redfield, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. jim redfield

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    I have a new Windows7 64 bit computer and tried to use the CD that came with my Centro (about a year ago) to install the requisite software and driver to it. Went fine until I tried a sync, when the system reported 'driver not loaded' and a look at Device Drivers showed that NO driver was even identified so I couldn't attempt an upgrade driver. Help appreciated. - Jim
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    current version Centro not compatible with 64 bit computers

    To my dismay, I was informed by both Palm tech support and Verizon (my carrier) that the Centro cannot synch with 64 bit machines--I had just bought such a new computer (with Windows 7), and it never occurred to me that this might be an issue. Reluctantly, I'm now pondering a return to the 32 bit world....has anyone heard anything different? Thanks.
  3. jim redfield

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    Get a Bluetooth>USB dongle maybe?

    Paul -
    Rumor has it that the Centro (and I suppose anything else Bluetooth) will play nice with a Bluetooth-deprived computer that has a third party USB dongle that receives Bluetooth signals and converts them to USB.
    I'm off to Best Buy later today to see if they have such a device for a reasonable cost. Will report back on the results.
    If that doesn't work, I'm done with the Centro, not my very fast, brand new computer. Disappointed that Palm and Centro haven't provided a clear, easy to find statement about this deficiency and any work arounds. They may think that would be bad p/r; I think the way they're handling it now is much worse.
  4. pauldh

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    third party USB dongle that receives Bluetooth signals

    Hi Jim--thanks very much---let me know how you make out. My computer does have Bluetooth, and I tried that too, without success (the Palm reps I spoke with said either that it wasn't reliable or simply wouldn't work).

    I chose the Centro because it was the only Verizon phone that would allow me to synch my Outlook databases without requiring me to buy a "data package" for $30-40/month (for emails, etc., which I don't need or want).

    But let me know how you make out. Good luck. I agree with you about Palm's handling of this matter--it even took one of the Palm reps close to an hour to discover the 64 bit incompatibility issue! Reluctantly I may be returning mine too.

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  5. James Chapman

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    I have been using Bluetooth to sync my Centro on my 64-bit Vista, and it works quite reliably. The Bluetooth driver on my PC emulates a serial port (COM3). So I configure the Hotsync Manager to sync via COM3.